Cryptology Nottingham: Daylight Robbery

Our trip to Nottingham continued with a return to Cryptology, who’ve recently opened their new ‘Daylight Robbery’ game. We’d seen it recommended over and over again on the escape room enthusiasts group on Facebook, so we went in expecting great things – but would it live up to expectations?

“The plan is simple: one hour, your elite team of criminals, and an impenetrable vault. Get in, steal what you can, and get out. Oh, and don’t forget the diamond else you’re dead, alright?

There will be lasers to dodge. There will be security systems to hack. There are locked vault doors to hack, decode, open, and bypass.

Almost everything you grab will be yours to keep and will help get you far away from the heat, but whatever you do, you must get the Daylight Diamond. Without the Diamond, The Boss won’t be happy! That means you won’t be living. There’s no point being dead millionaires.

This is the final score, a flawless heist, a curtain call. Are you ready to steal from right under their noses? This is unabashed Daylight Robbery.”

Daylight Robbery at Cryptology Nottingham

Daylight Robbery is located underground in a former bank vault. It’s a big benefit for making the game look the part, and it’s clear that despite having a ready-made setting, lots of effort has been put in to make it an immersive experience.

Much like another of Cryptology’s games Dreamscape, Daylight Robbery takes on a bit of a different format. Both games intentionally have way more puzzles available than are actually completable in 60 minutes, with the point being that players aren’t aiming to escape in as quick a time as possible, but with the highest score.

Some players might not like the concept of being unable to play every part of the game, but it’s generally becoming a more popular idea. It encourages some players to replay in future, and provides everyone with the opportunity to have a successful escape.

Daylight Robbery begins with a brief bit of linear play – you need to break into the vault. However, apart from a tense final few minutes, the game is fully open once you’re in the vault. A multitude of puzzles are available to you, and you can pick and choose what to do as you please.

Every type of puzzle was available in this game – logic, observation, maths, physical, skill. It had it all, and combined with some cool technology at times, you can have a great puzzle experience. The puzzles varied in difficulty and aims too. Some were quite simple, while others you’d find yourself coming coming back to multiple times throughout the game. A lot of them would give you access to valuables to steal, but some would also unlock additional areas, further increasing your total number of available puzzles.

As usual, we played as a team of two, and for most of the game barely spoke to each other. We went off and worked on things individually, and although there’s a lot we never got to try (we didn’t even unlock some of the areas of the game until quite late on in the hour), it felt like we got through plenty and had a great experience.

Some people would warn you off playing this game with 2-3 players, but personally I don’t think it matters too much. As the aim of the game isn’t to complete every single puzzle, you can have an enjoyable experience regardless of your team size.

Overall, Daylight Robbery is a great game, and one we may well replay in future. So much was offered in terms of variety, and it meant you could focus on your own strengths and favourite puzzle types. It’s also worth noting that despite the large number of puzzles, it’s not a case of quantity of quality.

They’ve not just crammed a load of sub-par puzzles into the room to get the number up – it’s clear a lot of consideration has gone into them, and they’ve got the balance spot on.

Daylight Robbery has further strengthened the already very strong quality of escape rooms on offer in Nottingham. It’s a must-play for us.

Lock Us Up Must Play

Host: Our host was owner Mark. He was on the ball with well timed, often humorous clues, and it was great to catch up with him again.
Success? Yes, our stolen cash and items came to a grand total of £649,730.30. Not a bad haul.


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