Tulleys Escape Rooms Crawley: Dodge City

After somehow escaping Nethercott Manor, we maybe would have hoped for a bit of an easier game. No luck! It was off to another difficult challenge, with Tulleys newest game Dodge City…

“Dodge City in 2127 remains a stronghold of the wild west. The constant tussle between the Sheriff and local gunslingers means there’s opportunity abound for some creative bank robbery for those with wits and courage.

As a member of the Notorious ‘Barn Door’ Gang you’ve been caught by the local sheriff breaking into the bank. Locked away with little hope, hired by an unnamed outlaw and facing the ruthless justice of the old west you’re left with only one option.

As the sun sets the race is on to break out, reclaim your supplies, pull off the bank job of the century and get out of Dodge City.”

Dodge City at Tulleys Escape Rooms

Like many games, this one begins with you locked away in separate cells in the Sheriff’s office, but from there, any similarities to other games are gone.

We were blown away by the expanse and ideas of the Nethercott Manor design, so for us to have the exact same feeling all over again in the very next game was overwhelming. Dodge City looks amazing – it is very much the picture perfect Wild West city, somehow contained in the confines of an escape room on a farm in Crawley. Again, they’ve been really ambitious with their idea and how they should bring the game to life, but it’s really paid off.

The game was packed with some brilliant moments, not solely relying on puzzles, but using great ideas to really immerse you into the futuristic Wild West, meeting “characters” along the way as you slowly progress to your big bank robbery.

We’ve got to give this game the must-play stamp too, making this probably the only time we’ve given three to one location. It’s one that you absolutely have to go and see to believe – a superb game with plenty of surprises, twists and turns.


Sadly, this was our last game at Tulleys (only because they had no more!), but we came away absolutely blown away by what they’d created in not just one game, but consistently over four. We’ve obviously not played everywhere (yet!), and I know there are some great venues we’re yet to get to in the South, but out of the near-300 we’ve played so far, I can say without doubt that this is definitely the best place we’ve visited in the UK.

Host: We didn’t get a game certificate with the info on (for reasons you’ll soon find out), so I’ve not got his name. He was good though, whoever he was!
Clue System: Not quite sure, it might have been a screen? Or a voice? My memory’s a blank!
Success? Sadly no, and we didn’t even come close. Our host let us see the rest of the game afterwards, and from what was there, I’d guess we’d have needed another 15-20 minutes to get this one done. It has been completed by pairs before though, although it’s definitely a challenge. It was the last one we played after hitting the other three huge games, so exhaustion may well have set in, and I know we wasted a lot of time on the very first puzzle, making some very stupid, simple mistakes that will have cost us some minutes.

Website: www.tulleysescape.com

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