The Panic Room Gravesend: Resurgency

Two weekends ago, we finally returned to The Panic Room in Gravesend. We first went in early 2018, and since then they’ve closed and replaced many rooms, leaving us with plenty of reasons to get down there again ASAP.

At the end of August, we spent a Saturday afternoon and evening playing everything we hadn’t yet done, back to back (with one short break for food). Our first part of the experience saw us head into the back of a van for “The Sacrifice”, a 25-minute long game that had some nice puzzles, and is a decent time-killer for those on an escape binge here. After that, we headed into our first proper room of the day – Resurgency!

“Can you defeat B. Last at his own game? Defuse the bomb, or blow up under pressure!

In 2016, The Panic Room narrowly avoided catastrophe when notorious trickster and bomb-maker Brenden Last placed a live explosive in the room. Thankfully, a team of players were able to solve Last’s puzzles and defuse the bomb, thwarting his devious schemes. So that this never happens again, we’ve started a bomb defusal initiative back where it all started. You are our newest team of recruits to see if you have what it takes to work under pressure. But don’t panic, after all, it’s not a real bomb…!”

Resurgency at The Panic Room Gravesend

Resurgency takes place in the very small space that previously held Million Dollar Date Night, and the difference between the games couldn’t be more different. The room feels like it’s doubled in size, whilst also becoming a cold, run-down, sandy/dusty, abandoned industrial space. Resurgency is the sequel to the now-closed Urgency, a game that had sadly gone before our first visit – as such, our review comes with no past comparison to go off.

Having not played the original, it didn’t feel like we were at any sort of a loss – it’s definitely a standalone game that will appeal to both those who have and those who haven’t.

The theming in the room was spot on, and took you right into a bare, derelict space. However, it’s the gameplay that takes centre stage in this room.

Be prepared for some proper frustration, with at least three key puzzles I can remember that require some precision, concentration, and above all – time. This game has two of the most time consuming puzzles I’ve seen, with us probably spending about 10 minutes on each. This isn’t down to poor design or hosting, or any struggling on our part – it simply requires a lot of time to do, and I’m glad they’ve not shied away from including these. There was one particular piece that was one of the most straightforward, simple ideas I’ve seen, but was executed in the perfect way to create a great challenge.

It’s a very ‘Crystal Maze’ game in parts, with some great ideas, and a lot of humour injected into parts of it.

I loved Resurgency – it’s an unexpectedly funny and quirky game with some great puzzles. A great way to kick off our Panic Rooms binge.

Host: Our host was Tunde who did a great job, and let us replay something I’d messed up on after we’d finished.
Clue System: Clues were delivered via a screen.
Success? Yes, we escaped in 43:20.


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