Escapologic Nottingham: Robin of Lockskey (V2 – 2019)

We always love a trip back to Escapologic Nottingham. Ever since our first big binge trip a few years ago, it’s been one of our absolute favourite locations for so many reasons, the brilliant rooms and great hosts being the two most prominent.

Unfortunately, there’s been no new room here for a while, but some games have been completely reworked. We visited again last year for the new version of Howitz, which although was mostly in the same setting, had 100% different puzzles and storyline. Jump ahead to 2019, and we’re back again to replay yet another of their games, this being Robin of Lockskey.

We loved the original version of this game, which without doubt was one of the most authentic feeling rooms we’ve ever played. In the old version of the game, you broke into a building site and discovered secret passages that eventually led you to the final resting place of Robin Hood. The set decoration was mostly natural, thanks to the game being set in a genuinely dirty underground space, but it added so much to the immersion.

Sadly, the game wasn’t open for long, and it’s since been closed for probably upwards of a year. Until now! The all new, overhauled version of the game has been open now for around a month or two, but just how different is it, and does it retain the magic feel of the first?

“The role of the modern day Sheriff of Nottingham is to protect and uphold the legend of Robin Hood.

A group of ruthless kidnappers have taken the Sheriff and are demanding the fabled golden arrow of Robin Hood as ransom. They have given you and your team 24 hours to comply with their demands, that was 23 hours ago…

Your team has searched all manner of Robin Hood related locations looking for the arrow, from Nottingham Castle to Sherwood Forest, but to no avail. Your last shot is the private office of the Sheriff an unusual and unique room with many hidden secrets to find, ancient codes to crack and elaborate puzzles to solve.

Can you find the golden arrow, save the sheriff and make sure the legend survives?”

Robin of Lockskey at Escapologic Nottingham

The game’s starting point couldn’t be any different – instead of walking downstairs into a building site, you enter the much brighter and cleaner office of the Sheriff of Nottingham. It’s a small, well decorated space that, not in a bad way, is a little underwhelming by the usual Escapologic standard. However, the room hides many very well hidden secrets.

They’ve put some great ideas into this room that took me back to our first times playing escape games – the sense of discovery and surprise was spot on.

Of course, the game doesn’t take place entirely in the office, and eventually an adventure begins. Parts of the later game will definitely be recognised if you played the original, but not a single part of the actual gameplay has remained the same. The great feeling of the original game is still there in abundance, leaving you feeling like you’re the first people to discover this space in centuries.

We really enjoyed the game – there’s some great moments and excellent ideas, and the transition from traditional escape room to hands-on adventure was perfect. It wasn’t without its flaws though – we did run into an issue with a lock that left us very frustrated, and our host had to open the door for us to move on. There was also a puzzle we couldn’t complete the second part of, and our host again had to move us on. It’s still early days though, so I’d imagine these are small teething issues that will be ironed out.

Overall, Robin is still a great game, and the revamp has definitely been for the better.

Host: Our host was Ed, who as always with the hosts at Escapologic, fit the part perfectly.
Clue System: The clue system changed in the second half of the game, but in the first part was a great idea that injected some humour into the room.
Success? Yes, we escaped in around 51 minutes.


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