LetsXcape Newark: The Rig

Last weekend, we went on a bit of an East Midlands tour, starting off with a game that’s received a lot of praise in the Facebook escape enthusiasts group recently.

The Rig has been recommended by many people on there, so we were eager to go and see what all the praise was about, finally heading down last Sunday to the lovely little village of Kelham on the outskirts of Newark, specifically to the huge, impressive Kelham Hall.

“In 1943 forty-two American Oil Miners secretively descended on Kelham Hall in a last ditch effort to prop up the British War effort and supply much needed fuel to our troops in battle.

75 years later their drilling sites have been unearthed and all is not well. We have an imminent disaster upon us, the clock is ticking and we need you to save Kelham Hall and everyone in it!

They are looking for groups of would be engineers, highly skilled in communications, team work and with physical and mental prowess under pressure. Your team must enter the facility, workout how to shut the RIG down and get out before the time is up.”

The Rig escape room at LetsXcape Newark

Without a doubt, this is one of the most impressive venues we’ve found an escape game in. As mentioned earlier, Kelham Hall is a huge building, with a campsite, weddings going on, grounds to explore, and two escape rooms thanks to LetsXcape. Even once in the building, it doesn’t seem like somewhere you’d find an escape room, but as you step through the door from a corridor that formerly housed council offices, you find yourself instantly immersed in an high quality set.

The set has been worked on by the same designer who decorated the games at Kanyu Escape in Wetherby, and you can see the visual standard has at the very least been matched, and maybe even bettered. The game doesn’t take place in vast spaces, in fact you’ll find yourself in some quite small rooms at times, but it doesn’t take away from the experience. Every inch of the set is well decorated, and really looks the part.

The gameplay was excellent too, switching between linear and open, and seamlessly taking you from puzzles that required some thought and logic, to more hands on, Crystal Maze style games. We pretty much never stopped throughout the game, with a great flow keeping us moving from puzzle to puzzle with no major sticking points.

Overall, a great game from Letsxcape. A high quality set combined with really enjoyable gameplay, and a story inspired by genuine local history. Definitely give this one a go if you’re in the region!

Host: Our host was owner Nigel, a really nice bloke who delivered well timed clues and a great experience.
Clue System: Clues were delivered via walkie talkie. A very good quality walkie talkie though, better than most we’ve used at other games.
Success? Yes, we escaped with 8 minutes and 37 seconds remaining.

Website: www.letsxcape.co.uk

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