Compendium Bury: Bedlam

A couple of weeks ago, we finally headed back to Compendium in Bury, to try out their much-anticipated third game Bedlam.

We loved their first two games, particularly for the excellent quality movie set Wrong Turn took place within, and the great puzzles that greeted us in Laboratory. We were eager to see what Bedlam would have to offer…

“Bentham Asylum has been standing since the 1900’s. In 1950 Bentham was given the nickname Bedlam because of the events that happened in those 50 years and in 1974 cell P23 was mysteriously locked without an explanation as to why. Bedlam has secrets that need to be uncovered. You and your team are top journalists and experts in your field, you have been tasked with uncovering the secrets that are held behind Cell P23’s walls. Can you go undercover, get in the cell undetected and escape with the documents that will uncover the secrets of Bedlam?”

Bedlam at Compendium Bury

The game takes place in the well designed padded cell P23. It’s initially quite a sparse room in terms of props and puzzles, but it does look the part, and you slowly uncover more and more of the rooms secrets.

The room itself is actually very very small, but it’s not something we noticed until after the game. I could imagine it being quite cramped with 4 or more players, but the room’s small space is utilised in such an effective way to get a good hour’s gameplay out of it.

Talking of gameplay, the puzzles were as good as we’ve come to expect from Compendium, with the flow of the game meaning we never really stopped working on anything. The sixty minutes absolutely flew by, and when we eventually escaped, I think I was quite surprised that we only had around a minute or two remaining.

There’s an absolutely fantastic twist to the gameplay in this room, and I can’t say anything else without giving anything away. Go and see for yourself!

Overall, another solid addition to Compendium’s line-up of rooms, and we’re already looking forward to their next!

Host: Alex & Jennifer were our hosts again. Perfectly timed, useful clues, and a great all round job as always.
Clue System: Clues were delivered via phone.
Success? Yes, we escaped with less than a minute remaining.


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