The Lockup Escape Rooms Sheffield: Meltdown!

At the weekend, we headed over the Sheffield to play Cryptology’s latest game Hugh Dunnit, but first had a look to see where else we could play while in the city.

Aside from one place we’re definitely not keen on, and two where we’ve played a couple of games at already, we didn’t know of anywhere else in Sheffield, until we came across Lockup. Based in a Chinese fireworks building (yes, really), Lockup currently has two games with a third on the way, and we tried out the science lab based “Meltdown!”.

“You have been locked in the control room of a nuclear power plant by a disgruntled ex-employee who has initiated nuclear meltdown.

Can you complete the experiments he has left you before the countdown reaches zero?”

Meltdown! at The Lockup Escape Rooms Sheffield

The nuclear theme is well integrated into the game, with the games entire aim being to retrieve the shut-off code and radio it across to the host. There was primarily one large puzzle throughout the game that had to be completed by getting certain pieces of information via a series of smaller puzzles. The format worked really well – I always like a game that has a specific goal to work towards, especially when it helps you know how well you’re progressing. It’s a nice change from the usual type of room where you don’t know how far away you are from completing it.

The website for the game promised “real life science experiments”, and this was delivered without a doubt. There was a great, hands-on bit of the game that helped you to gain the required information, as well as puzzles that needed some keen observation.

Another nice touch is the addition of a “hard mode” time on the leaderboard, this being the additional time you spend in the room after initially completing the challenge. Essentially, you can complete the game in a decent time, but stay behind to work on a slightly more difficult puzzle that would actually get you out of the room.

The game wasn’t without its flaws though. A few props/game pieces seemed a little bit tatty, much like they’d been used in the room for years, and there was also a visual puzzle that wasn’t executed brilliantly, lacking a little bit of needed clarity.

It’s not a game to avoid though – if you’re in Sheffield, I’d definitely consider giving this one a try, and we’re looking forward to heading back for their other room “Deep Space Brig”.

Host: Our host was Liam. A nice guy who delivered clues at the right moments, and a former Science teacher who’s utilised his knowledge well to create a fun game.
Clue System: Clues were delivered via walkie talkie.
Success? Yes, we escaped in 40:28, and got a ‘hard mode’ time of 49:24.


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