Deadlocked Escape Rooms Loughborough: The Magic of New Orleans

A couple of weeks ago, we headed over to Loughborough to test a sort of new game at Deadlocked – “The Magic of New Orleans”.

I say “sort of new” because this is the new title for what was previously “Voodoo” at Enigma Sheffield, later known as S6 Escape. We played Voodoo back in August 2017; in fact, it was the first game we reviewed on this blog.

Both of the games that were at the now-closed S6 Escape have been given a second chance at Deadlocked, with a reworking of The Bank Job in progress, and the new outlook of Voodoo already open.

But how different is this version of the game, and are the changes for the better?

“The Wexell Corporation has sent you and your team to investigate their ex-employee, Dr Rhyar Lafayette, who has been using company funds for research into the occult. Your mission is to investigate his Voodoo Emporium and report back to Wexell, but beware, there is more to Dr Lafayette than meets the eye, and if he captures you, it may be impossible to escape.”

The Magic of New Orleans at Deadlocked Escape Rooms Loughborough

The game takes place in a bit of bigger space than the original version, with your experience spread out in multiple rooms. We played the game when it was in the early testing stages, so the theming wasn’t fully completed, but what was there looked good, and set the scene well.

If you’ve already played Voodoo and you’re wondering if this version of the game is different enough to bother with, the answer is yes! We remembered a couple of puzzles and spotted a couple of mechanisms and props that had previously been used, but apart from that, it was a whole new game – probably about 90% different.

One new puzzle in particular was a killer logic puzzle, that had several layers/levels into it. It was the only thing we could do at the time, being a more linear part of the game, but I could imagine it would keep a team of four players occupied, trying to work it out together.

We really enjoyed this game, and it’s a definite improvement on the original Voodoo. The soundtrack was spot on, while the gameplay was slightly challenging and fun to complete, but not too difficult for newer players. The theming extends to a bit of theatre too, with a moment that isn’t needed, but adds nicely to the experience. We’re looking forward to seeing The Bank Job get the same treatment!

Host: Our host was Neal, who’s built and reworked this room. Clearly passionate about what he does, and was very open to feedback.
Clue System: Clues were delivered in a unique way – no spoilers here.
Success? Yes, we escaped in around 43 minutes!


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