Extremescape Disley: Viking

We’ve had a very slow 2019 so far with escaping, and it’s felt like our 250th game has been just around the corner for months. Finally, at the weekend, we hit the big 250 with a trip to somewhere we knew wouldn’t disappoint…

“Thor’s hammer has been stolen by his menacing brother, Loki & trapped in the golden rings of Aesir.
The Ice Giants have got word of this, and they know Thor is helpless to protect the human race without his powerful weapon.
The giants are on there way, there mission to defeat Thor and destroy the human race.
You must alert the Gods and bring them to Asgard, they will help you in you quest.
Your mission is to find Thor’s Hammer and release it from the golden rings and return it to Thrudheim where it belongs
To accomplish this you must find the Thunder Hammer and return it to the sacred place to create a storm like no-one has seen before.
If you fail you will be the first to die”

Viking at Extremescape Disley

I remember when we first came to play at Extremescape – it was probably back within our first 10-20 games in 2015/16, and walking into the Pirate Ship room was the first time I’d felt wowed by theming in an escape room. That same feeling was there a year or two later for Lost Tomb, and it was ever present this time around as we entered Viking.

The space the game takes place in is easily the smallest of the three games here, but it doesn’t take anything away from it. In fact, the amount of the puzzles and theming placed into here is perfect for a 75 minute game, and the room is spacious enough for you to be noticing things after half an hour that you didn’t see earlier.

The theming itself is as brilliant as we’ve come to expect. It’s an absolutely beautiful room that looks like it’s come straight out of a movie, or one of the Dungeon attractions (but with more detail!). You can tell the room has been lovingly crafted into what it is now, with the design leaving the room perfectly atmospheric and immersive. It’s amped up further with some theatrical moments throughout the game, and a touch of humour at times to keep you further entertained.

The puzzles were great fun to complete, with a wide variety to keep you occupied at all times. Mostly, the game is quite open, meaning larger teams will all be spread out nicely, although we mostly stuck together due to finding a few of them pretty difficult. All of the puzzles made sense, but definitely required a good bit of thought.

Without verging too far into spoiler territory, something happened in the room that left us open-mouthed – something that doesn’t happen that much now we’ve played that many. A brilliant set-up and introduction to a puzzle, followed by something that was almost inexplicably magic to round the experience off perfectly.

Experienced players – I’d recommend at least three players. It’s doable as a two, but at times you’ll appreciate the extra mind to help you out. If you’re a beginner to escape rooms, this is definitely a challenge (don’t let that put you off though), and I’d suggest 5-6 players.

Overall, a fantastic third installment from Extremescape, but then, we expected nothing less. Excellent theming, great game play, and brilliant execution. It’s a must-play from us…


Host: Our hosts were owners Jess & Graham – great to see them again, and good to chat about everything escape room afterwards.
Clue System: Clues were delivered via both voiceover and a screen. The screen is covered with a flap, so you can choose whether or not you can see hints and time – a nice touch.
Success? It started to feel like we were destined to fail at some points, but we did it with around 10 minutes to spare. The time limit on Viking is 75 minutes, while their other two rooms are 90.

Website: extremescape.co.uk

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