Cryptic Escape Rooms Huddersfield: Mcarville Manor

Following Live Escape and Stuck in the Riddle, another new venue has now opened in the West Yorkshire town of Huddersfield. The company seems to have launched a month or so ago, with a magic themed game not far off from opening, and the creepy sounding Mcarville Manor already welcoming investigators.

We headed down at the weekend to see what they had to offer…

“You would like to have believed that all the whispers were merely a legend… but recent events will pull you into the haunting of Mcarville Manor. A foolish paranormal TV crew has entered the house and disturbed something sinister. After receiving a distressed call for help, your mission as the towns only police team, is to find the crew and return them safely to the station.

But beware, as the cameras stop rolling and the fear takes over, you will uncover the truth of what happened at Mcarville Manor all those years ago.”

McArville Manor at Cryptic Escape Rooms Huddersfield

In an unusual move, the game starts in the reception area (which is actually a detective office), with an untimed sequence that results in you getting the key to the manor. It took us a good five minutes to get this part of the experience done, and it was a nice “mini-escape room” preamble before the main event.

We then headed into the notorious Mcarville Manor, which was completely in darkness aside from some dim candles. We did get a torch, but could probably have done with a second one, as quite often one of us would be left trying to look at something else, but seeing nothing at all. Aside from the torch issue, the room was nicely decorated, and the creepy manor feel came across well. Antique furniture and unsettling photos adorned the small space, and despite the room maybe looking a little bit sparse, there was plenty to open – more than might first meet the eye.

The puzzles all worked well. There’s nothing too challenging for experienced players, but there’s enough in there to keep you busy and entertained, and we did fall into confusion over something that ended up being quite simple. It’s a good game for beginner teams too – they might find it challenging, but not too much. They’ve got the balance right.

Talking of getting the balance right, the room is just the right level of creepy. It felt a little nervy at times, but there were no jump scares, and it’s definitely not one to avoid for those who don’t like scary games.

Overall, we’re happy to say that there’s not yet a bad room in Huddersfield. This is a good room for beginners and enthusiasts alike, and it’s a nice first effort from the new company. We’re looking forward to seeing their magic room, which should be open in a few weeks!

Host: Our host was Michael, the owner. He was on the ball with clues, and didn’t leave us stuck for too long when we needed them.
Clue System: Clues were delivered via a walkie talkie
Success? Yes, we escaped in 41:09, setting the record for the room. We proudly held the record for 24 hours, before The Escaporium team knocked 19 seconds off, also knocking themselves off our Christmas card list.


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