Clue HQ Warrington: End of the Line

In February, we headed back to one of the first locations we played in several years ago – Clue HQ Warrington. It’s the first time we’d had reason to go back since our last visit to take on the now closed 1 vs 1 challenge “Sacrifice” in 2017, with the launch of new game ‘End of the Line’ finally pushing us for a trip.

It’s in the space formerly occupied by the original Bunker 38, and is an original game not found at any of their many other branches, so we were very excited to give it a go!

“Danny Badd is up to his old tricks and has hijacked several trains on the Picodedilly line to cause a distraction while he carries out a heist job in another part of town. You are one of the unlucky commuters who find themselves trapped on a runaway train with only enough track ahead of you to last the next 60 minutes. Will you be able to work out the manual override and apply the brakes in time? Or will this be the End of the Line?”

End of the Line at Clue HQ Warrington

The theming was perfect for this room and felt a lot different than the other games at Warrington. The games we’d played previously had open ceilings (meaning you could hear into other games), and were quite gameshow-like with a lot of stage lighting. This design was a lot more subtle, realistic and immersive than their other games, with the entire hour taking place in just one carriage of a tube train. The decoration is very detailed, and packed with lots of escape-puns and Clue HQ references (as well as a little teaser for something new at their Manchester branch!).

The puzzles were also well in-theme, making good use of the environment. Absolutely every task was related to something linked with the journey, with ideas making great use of tube maps, driver signals and more. One puzzle in particular looked like it was going to be tedious, but definitely didn’t feel like it – it took a small chunk of time to work through, but it felt like we’d really earned our progress after it.

The game is actually listed as being one of Clue HQ’s easiest options, but you won’t feel short changed by it as an experienced player. There were plenty of moments that will provide a good challenge to beginners and enthusiasts alike, and the game didn’t feel like it was missing anything. You won’t need more than two or three experienced players, but newbies might find another another one or two useful.

Overall, a game that is definitely my favourite Clue HQ room so far. A fun hour in a great setting, and a sign of good things to come with the future direction of their games.

Host: Our host was Rob who did a great job. Very welcoming, with perfectly timed useful clues, and a lot of experience playing escape rooms.
Clue System: Clues were delivered via a screen
Success? Yes, we escaped with around 16 minutes remaining.


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