Cryptology Nottingham: Dreamscape

We headed into Nottingham on a Sunday just before Christmas, getting stuck in traffic and struggling to find a car park with spaces left for a good amount of time – we probably should have picked a better time. We were sure it would be worth it though, as we returned to Cryptology for their latest room Dreamscape…

“Dr. Lucy Dee set about attempting to conquer the art of lucid dreaming. She has become lost in her own dreamscape and we have asked you, and your esteemed colleagues, to unravel her troubles and step into her shoes… or should we say head?

Your team must navigate through her dreams and unlock and find the Dream Keys to help recover Lucy from The Void.

You tune into her brainwaves and enter freefall, the world around you has morphed into view. All has become random and uncontrollable, will you rescue Lucy from her thoughts so she is able to finish her milestone research?

It’s time for a nap of epic proportions.”

Dreamscape at Cryptology Nottingham

We had a look around Dreamscape a few months ago when it was still being built, and were surprised by just how many rooms they were using for the game. This was down to the format the game takes – almost a homage to ‘The Celestial Chain‘ at the now closed Time Run, you get a time limit in each room, with the aim not to escape it, but to get as many “dream keys” as you can. This of course means you move from room to room having not always completed everything, but it gives you a freedom to move onto something else when you’re struggling with a puzzle.

The game takes place throughout different dream worlds, all of which are well themed to suit the game. In each world, there are different objects to collect, which all make the final challenges in the last part of the game easier to complete, in varied ways.

The puzzles were all good fun and well suited to the world you were in, whether it was the ‘classroom of anxiety’ or a gingerbread house with authentic baking smells. One of the themed areas added a fun physical twist to the game while you were completing the puzzles that added another layer to everything.

The game culminates in one final room, in which you are given a number of individual challenges to complete to open the exit door. As mentioned, you’ll have collected “dream keys” in the other areas, and they make big differences to how easy it will be to complete the final parts.

Overall, Dreamscape is a great game that throws so many different types of puzzle at you, while its format is a welcome change from the standard escape room. We enjoyed collecting the keys, and loved how it all came together in the final room. It’s a game that’s definitely worth a stop at while you’re in Nottingham.

Host: Our host was Mark, who was great as ever. He’s very enthusiastic about his games, and was a top host, getting into character as he does for each of his games.
Clue System: Clues were delivered via screens.
Success? Yes, we completed the game in 58:28



  1. We really enjoyed this game. I liked that you only had a certain time in each room though I can see this wouldn’t be to everyone’s taste (some people weren’t a fan of Time Run’s Celestial Chain solely for this reason! 😮 we played it and loved it but do admit we preferred Lance of Longinus). In Dreamscape as a team of 2 there were a few puzzles we didn’t get to complete or even attempt but the plus side to that is that it makes the room re-playable to us. If you’re in a team of 3 or more I think you’ll get to see all that each room has to offer and there is certainly plenty in each room to keep every member of a larger team occupied. The time limit also creates a mild panic, which I love! Also, if you’re working on a puzzle and you can’t figure it out, simply move on to another one. The concept creates a very open playing space.

    The rooms were still in need of a few final touches when we played but we’re talking minor jobs that in no way detracted from the game play. Each room brought something completely different from the last with a great mix of physical, visual and mental puzzles. My favourite area was the one that involved an extra physical element to everything you did that kept things interesting. I also loved the gingerbread house room with it’s smells and a couple of unique puzzles though it did get a little cramped at times with just the two of us! There were a lot of fun elements to the puzzles, nothing really toO taxing to deal with although when you’re under pressure to find an item before the time runs out a simple dot to dot can become like a MENSA IQ test. 😀

    The final room though just brings everything together and you finally get to see what the dream keys you collected are for and how they help. It’s a great end room with a lot to get through and will once again keep everyone busy and players can play to their strengths. Sadly one major puzzle in the last room had just been broken by another team when we went but again, this was no huge loss, and it probably helped us time wise!

    It was refreshing to see an escape room with a bit of a difference. Mark was once again a great host adding a comedy value to the game. Cryptology is definitely worth a visit, not just for Dreamscape but Rameseize and Cypherdyne too. Looking forward to what Mark comes up with next!


  2. Thanks Sam!
    Your namesake had a large hand in the design of this game.
    And the breakage, as much as I really can be angry at the drunks who were far too violent with this puzzle, I am angry at myself at letting them play :/ It’s now much more drunk-proof, as we had a sober, but excited person break it in a whole new way! Sob sob! Lessons learnt, and puzzle improved.
    Simon and I are working hard on Hugh Dunitt in Sheffield, and Sam and I for the new one in Nottingham which is currently unnamed (it’s in the vault we have there).

    Thanks to you and Jamie for taking the time to put your words to paper (or is it to 1s and 0s?).


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