The Escaporium Halifax: Crux Codicillus

A couple of weeks ago, we headed back to Halifax’s beautiful Piece Hall to take on the latest game at The Escaporium. Almost a year since our last visit to play the brilliant Haligonian, we were excited to see what they had in store with their latest game Crux Codicillus.

“Every member of The Illuminati has gathered for its Annual General Meeting. Locked away in the Board Room, the higher order had just wrapped up the meeting when the lights suddenly dropped, and one of them killed the King of the Illuminati, otherwise known as Plato!

As junior members of The Illuminati, you and your team will have to gather any evidence from within the Board Room to find out who the killer was, how he or she did it, and where they have scarpered to! However, there may be a sting in the tail of this case which means you will need to be out within the hour, or it will be curtains for everybody!”

Crux Codicillus at The Escaporium Halifax

The game takes place in the board room of the Illuminati, which has been decorated perfectly, giving off a slight antique feel, mixed with the unique props that add to the mystery and bizarreness around the group. There’s a lot to look at, with cabinets filled with so many random items, all of which fit perfectly into the game’s theme.

It’s the puzzles in this game that take centre stage though, something which we’ve found in their previous two games. Every puzzle was logical and on-theme, and although we stalled several times on some of the answers, everything made perfect sense once it clicked.

The game takes on a Cluedo-style format, with the puzzles helping you to tick suspects, weapons, and getaway locations from your list. It’s always great to play a game that has something different to the style of play, and this had that without doubt.

It’s a game that’s set at the right level of challenging, and should be doable with an experienced team of 3+. We played as a two, as always, and found it to be their most difficult room, but thankfully escaped (although we cut it very fine!)

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve always found The Escaporium to be fantastic puzzle creators, and Crux Codicillus was no exception. Add a touch of mysterious Illuminati theming to the mix, and you’ve got yourself a fun hour solving a secretive murder.

Host: Our hosts were Angela and Mark, fantastic as ever. They’re both proper escape enthusiasts who somehow play as many games as those who don’t have to spend time building rooms! Their experience shows in their games and hosting, and this one was no different.
Clue System: Clues were delivered via a screen.
Success? Yes, we escaped with 37 seconds remaining. A close one!


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  1. Oooh yes!! I have waited so so long for The Escaporium’s new room. I loved their previous two with Haligonian being my personal favourite – a museum about Halifax escape room sounds like it shouldn’t work but they’ve done an amazing job providing lots to look at and use in the room alongside unique puzzles. Owners Mark and Angela do puzzles so well, there’s always plenty of ahh and wow moments in their rooms rather than just one or two (Operation Moonshine has them in abundance!). This new room is no different – as Jamie says the puzzles are the standout here but the theming is very on point too, it’s all very formal and secret officey (I know, that’s not a word!) they’ve set the scene very well. The puzzles are all so logical and fit the theme well, some of them caused a few expletives but that is just because they were so very well done, you think you know how to solve something, or that you’re close to the answer, but then no, actually, there’s another clever twist – fantastic stuff!

    Mark and Angela were, as always, fantastic hosts and it’s really clear to see that they love escape rooms as much as we do! Add in the beautiful setting of the Piece Hall (especially at Christmas time) and you’ve got no reason at all not to visit The Escaporium! Outstanding stuff! We honestly cannot wait for their next room – these guys do great rooms.

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