Wirral Escape Rooms: Elf Training Academy – Christmas Confusion

Weirdly, we’ve never actually played a Christmas themed escape game at Christmas. Earlier this year, we made North Pole Panic at Panic Rooms our 150th game (in March…), and 70ish games later, we were invited to test out the new Christmas game at Wirral Escape Rooms. Teaming up with Elaine & Mike from Escape Quest, we headed in ready for some festive fun (in early November).

Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house
Panic was stirring, alerting the mouse!
The presents were ransacked, locked up in a pinch
It must be work of that dastardly Grinch.
Gifts were mixed up and messed up in a right pickle,
Only an hour, no time to be fickle
Make it all right, get the presents in order
Christmas Confusion, stop the disorder

Elf Training Academy at Wirral Escape Rooms

It’s a weird feeling when you step through the door of this game. Amy & Ian have perfectly recreated a typical family living room at Christmastime – it feels very homely, and you completely forget where you are. There are plenty of decorations to make the room glow, and with all of your usual Christmas tunes playing in the background, there’s no way you’ll be left feeling like the Grinch.

I know that the game’s path has changed a bit since we played it, and there have been new puzzles added, so this review might not be quite accurate. All of the puzzles were innovatively festive, with some really nice ideas. There was a good mix of skills required, and the not-so-linear path meant we could split up and work on different things.

It’s refreshing to see a Christmas room that isn’t just set in your usual elf workshop, and although a living room might not sound as exciting as a winter wonderland, this game will definitely get you into the Christmas spirit. It’ll make for a great family experience, somehow turning everything you love about Christmas into puzzles.

Host: Our game was hosted by Amy, who was as great a host as always.
Clue System: Clues are delivered via the living room telly.
Success? Yes, we raced through the early parts of the game, and then came to a lengthy stop that left us with around 10 minutes remaining.

Website: www.wirralescaperooms.co.uk

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  1. As Jamie says, this Christmas room isn’t your typical elf workshop (I say typical, we’ve only done one at Panic Rooms and it was fantastic). This is someone’s living room…which ok, seems fairly easier to theme, like office based rooms, as opposed to say a submarine or a jungle (the latter Wirral Escape Rooms have a great version of!), but that’s not to say it’s basic! It’s done very well, so well in fact that at a couple of points during the game when another team member was fairly loud I worried that the neighbours would bang on the wall! They’ve even wallpapered and put coving up! Good going for a temporary room!

    This room was a lot of Christmas fun and really set the feel for the festive season. It was rewarding finding another present for under the tree after solving lots of fun Christmas themed puzzles. We did speed through at first and then came to a grinding halt for quite some time due to a particularly clever item in the room! Agh!

    The room wasn’t finished when we played, the owners had been working hard on it all night and day, finishing off just as we arrived, but there was still a bit to do and I believe quite a few changes have been made since we played so it’s hard to really say too much but I do know that the end version will still be a joy to play!

    This room is a little Christmas cracker, except you don’t get a crappy little toy and paper hat – what you do get is lots of fun puzzles to work through and a nice happy Christmassy feeling.

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