Cryptology Nottingham: Rameseize

Our third and final game at Cryptology was the Egyptian themed Rameseize…

“After years of planning and excavations the tomb of the nefarious Ramses has finally been unearthed. But this is no tomb full of traps; it is a peerless conundrum full of strange machinations.

If you could manage to extract the three ancient relics rumoured to rest here you would become part of history, but you are not the only ones on the trail…

Your foreheads are drenched and the air is taut with fear. There is not much time for you to act before the unscruplious treasure hunters cross the desert and bury you alive just to claim the glory for themselves.

Will you lay your hands upon the relics of the past? And will you even be able to escape before the glocks are pointed to your heads? Your hourglass is running low…”

Rameseize at Cryptology Nottingham

Cryptology are clearly keen on making their games more of an immersive experience, with the brief seamlessly becoming part of the game, as host Mark slipped into the role of our guide, before leaving us trapped in the tomb.

It’s a great looking Egyptian tomb, with all the decor you’d expect from a room of this theme, and some nice props that really tie in with producing a sense of adventure. The game actually spans out over a large space, but you don’t realise at first as it takes place in a series of small rooms.

The puzzles were all completely on theme, and there was a great mix. It felt like a lot of the puzzles were hands-on, physical pieces, that doubled up as information for mental puzzles, and everything worked together very well. I don’t think we ever stopped in this game, with the flow taking us quickly from puzzle to puzzle.

One thing we didn’t realise was that the game could be completed on a number of levels. There are three artefacts to collect before escaping, and we had no idea they were optional until the clue system pretty much repeated the same message over and over again telling us to stop making our way to the third piece, and start working on our escape!

Overall, another enjoyable game from Cryptology, with a LOT to do, but all very fun with some good ideas.

Host: Again, our host was owner Mark, who was top again. A proper welcoming host who we spoke to for ages about the industry.
Clue System: Clues were delivered by a pharaoh, projected into the room.
Success? Yes, we escaped with 2 out of 3 artefacts in 59:44… close!


One comment

  1. So when Mark appeared in his little explorer type costume I realised he had dressed for the part in Cypherdyne too! 😀 A nice start with us getting locked in without our guide but who is close to hand to read from the journal to help guide us.

    The puzzles in here (when we finally got going, we were a little dumb!) were a lot of fun, quite physical and mental at the same time and quite Crystal Mazey to me. All totally in theme. One puzzle required you to put something together, a challenge in itself, but you later gathered information from this to use elsewhere, a highlight puzzle for me.

    We had been told about the relics but think we had forgotten it during the game so we were a little slow at realising we needed to get the hell out and fast whilst we were still attempting to proceed into the game….but it wasn’t that simple as just bolting out like you do in the Crystal Maze… there’s another little task to perform first and one that requires a steady hand whilst you’re panicking! haha. A really fun room with a fair bit to get through, you wont stop!

    After we had a great chat with Mark about everything escapey and we got a sneak peek of his upcoming Dreamscape room, which sounds brilliant (there wasn’t much to look at just yet except the first part which looks fab). Can’t wait to return!


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