Cryptology Nottingham: Cypherdyne V1.5

Day 2 of our weekend Nottingham escape binge saw us finally head to Cryptology. We’ve previously played both games at their Barnsley branch, but never made it to their original Nottingham location. They’ve recently moved, bringing with them three games upgraded from their previous site, with us taking on all three, starting with Cypherdyne…

“It was an offer you couldn’t refuse.

You and your team have been selected to take part in a legendary Cypherdyne interview. A challenging and disarming hour long test that is rumoured to not just separate the wheat from the chaff but discard the chaff entirely.

Unsure what to expect, the promise of a great job in this dire economy is enough for you to face whatever challenge the CEO has set for you, your career may be about to explode with opportunity!

The bright lights are clinical, the desk pristine, but something is odd… this isn’t just an office.

Can you become part of Cypherdyne’s elite security team? Or will you bomb and be swept aside just before the next candidates arrive?”

Cypherdyne at Cryptology Nottingham

Technically, this is Cypherdyne v1.5, apparently around 60-70% the same as the original game, but with some changes. We can’t compare having not played the original, but Amy at Brit of an Escape Habit has, as is detailed in her review.

The game takes place in an office environment – not the most exciting of themes, but it was done well. A well sized, light space, very well furnished and filled with props, with lots of subtle jokes and internet humour. There’s plenty to look at, but there’s not enough time, as there’s also plenty to do!

It’s a very hands-on game, and at times, we were at complete opposite ends of the room working on different things, whilst there were also puzzles that strongly required teamwork. It’s a great mix, and all of the puzzles we completed felt like a legitimate part of the set-up and story – not just doing things for the sake of it.

There was a good flow, some great ideas, and a dramatic finale that resulted in me having a loud argument with the clue screen. Overall, a very fun game.

Host: Mark is one of the Cryptology owners and a great host. It felt like he enjoyed the game as much as we did, which always comes across well from a host.
Clue System: Clues were delivered via a screen themed up as an email system, with some extra occasional help from 90s icon Clippy the Microsoft Paperclip!
Success? Yes, we got out in 55:19


One comment

  1. This was our second favourite room of the 6 we played in Nottingham on our latest trip, there’ll be no surprise which was our favourite as we absolutely love the place which houses it…. but back to Cypherdyne 1.5.

    The object isn’t to escape but to successfully complete a job interview… defusing a bomb! 😀

    Yes it’s an office and offices aren’t always the most exciting of themes but this was set out well, a bright modern office with quite a bit to look at. There are touches of humour in this room which was fun and our host Mark was dressed appropriately as an office manager, another nice little touch. (I initially thought it was his usual attire but later found out it wasn’t when he got changed for our later game!).

    We really enjoyed all the puzzles, especially the last one that involved the argument with the clue screen! That damn paper clip is just as smug and annoying now as it was back in it’s heyday! The same clue kept coming through several times and although we were shouting back at it we were also laughing along as no doubt our host Mark was too. Finally the whole thing clicked but god it took us a long time! Durr!! I loved the physical aspect of the ending along with other physical and mental challenges along the way to get there! A very real set up that you’re at times afraid to touch in case everything shuts down! The rooms difficulty can also be slightly changed for one puzzle depending on team size. As there were only two of us we were excused doing one physical task that would have been necessary to see what we needed to do and just had to find a laminated sheet instead, which was much appreciated.

    Quite a large space for this room and it’s all used well, requiring some running between spaces which adds to the momentum. Lots of fun and a good laugh. Great puzzles and great hosting.


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