Logiclock Nottingham: Made in Stein

Last weekend, we headed to Nottingham for a two day escape binge, with plans to finally go to the local branch of Cryptology, return to Escapologic, and head underground to try the new Cave Escape, but first, we paid our second visit to Logiclock after enjoying their Cosa Nostra room last year.

“You’ll enter Professor E.’s room. Professor E. had to go very quickly and without attracting attention. He had to leave so fast he couldn’t find somebody who could continue his work. There are lots of candidates but he needs the best of the best. The Professor asked Mrs. Taylor, his assistant for help.

In order to prove your skills you have one thing to do: Escape from Professor E.’s room.”

Made in Stein at Logiclock Nottingham

The game takes place in a study/lab environment, which doesn’t lend itself to a wow-factor, but was nicely furnished with some interesting props, and in-theme decoration.

Where this room excelled though was in the puzzles, delivering us a game with a good flow, moving from task to task as you felt solutions finally clicking in your mind.

It was a very well varied game with observation, map work, skill games, maths (easy enough with a calculator, don’t be put off!) and more. There was a nice puzzle near the start which started with us piecing something together, then adding some information to it, and then taking that information to create a code. It’s a good example of the puzzle quality, with a task in which everything came together, after the fun process of working on it.

Enthusiasts won’t be blown away by this game, but they’ll be sure to enjoy the puzzles, all of which were logical, with clear solutions. It’s also a good game for newer players, who might find it a little challenging (3-4 players should make it doable), but will still enjoy the variety of puzzles on offer. Overall, a fun game with some nice ideas and a great flow.

Host: Our host was Livia who was friendly and enthusiastic, delivering a good brief and well-timed clues.
Clue System: Clues were delivered via a screen.
Success? Yes, although we thought we might end up taking our second loss of the year! It was close in the end, escaping in a frenzy with 1:12 left on the clock.

Facilities: A free bottle of water each after the game (always appreciated!), and a little waiting area with some small puzzles to keep you entertained.
Website: logiclock.co.uk

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  1. We really enjoyed the Cosa Nostra mafia room last year at Logiclock and had always meant to return. Cosa Nostra had great puzzles, quite a bit of tech used very well and even smelt of Sicilian lemons!

    Made in Stein doesn’t blow you away looks wise and maybe not even so much tech wise but it is full of well thought out, clever puzzles. The metapuzzle Jamie mentions above was just one of those. We were really stupid a couple of times, ignoring one prop we found early on and tried to use then forgot about when we needed it and one puzzle that went back to absolute basics that we just didn’t click on and absolutely ignoring another prop right until the end….which resulted in us having that last minute (ok, several last minutes) panic! A loss would have been absolutely fair game as the puzzles made sense and the hosting was absolutely bang on…thankfully we just made it out and felt we’d had a bit of a mental workout. Livia was lovely and we had a bit of a chat afterwards about escape rooms. There’s space for more rooms at Logiclock and we’ll definitely be returning to play any new rooms. I feel Logiclock fly under the radar a little bit but they really shouldn’t. Clever stuff! 🙂

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