Enigma Retford: The Legend of Catequil

After breaking out of Colditz and Outbreak, we headed into the room we were most excited to play. This is the newest game in the Enigma chain, and we’d heard good things about it from Nick at the Doncaster branch. So, would it live up to high expectations…

“Your father, Lord Sebastian Ashcroft, is a world renowned archaeologist. Six months ago he set off on his latest expedition to the depths of South America in search of the tomb of the legendary Inca god, Catequil. Your last contact from him was three months ago, so you have decided to go to South America to find him.”

The Legend of Catequil at Enigma Retford

The theming in this game is great, varying really well throughout the game. The game starts in the tent of Lord Ashcroft, and it’s kitted out to appear like a proper adventurer’s hive. This first room though is just the first location in a game that takes you on a brilliant journey. I can’t applaud Enigma enough for the fact they don’t just dump you in a tomb – they put you at the start line and make it part of your mission to actually find and enter the tomb. There was one particular bit of theming along the way that was a highlight – it wasn’t even needed. There wasn’t really any gameplay in this area of the game, but it had been built well, and it looked great.

Moving away from theming, the types of puzzle changed as you’d expect throughout the game, starting off with the reading of materials in Ashcroft’s tent, to playing more physical, innovative games within the actual tomb. There’s a lot to do in this room, and it led to some sheer panic as we got very near to the end of the game. Everything in this room had some proper thought put into it, from interactive puzzles to a lovely bit of innovation.

This room is exactly what I’ve always wanted from a tomb game. It felt like playing one of the old PlayStation 1 Tomb Raider games, and I think it’s a really excellent touch to have to actually get to the tomb within the hour, and then get what you came for! This is definitely the best game we’ve played across all of Enigma’s sites (with Escape from Wonderland at Wakefield a close second!). Newbies, a team of four might be a good number to tackle this one with, while enthusiasts should be fine with 2-3 players.

Host: Our hosts were the lovely Chris and Karen who did a great job with well timed clues, interesting briefs, and a good chat afterwards about escape games.
Clue System: Clues were delivered via a screen in the room, with a limit of two clues that can be requested by a doorbell. Alongside clue requesting, they did send through some slight nudges unasked to keep us going through.
Success? Yes, it got very tense but we made it out with 1:18 remaining.

Website: enigmarooms.co.uk/retford

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  1. What a great room! Theming was done very well throughout in this game! I loved the first room and would have liked to have spent more time in it, but as it’s quite small it makes sense to get teams out of there and into a larger playing area as soon as possible although we as a two were absolutely fine space wise. This room feels like a proper adventure. As Jamie says, there’s one part between rooms that really wasn’t needed but has a great impact to make your journey seem more real! Again, story plays a big part in this room and there’s a fair bit of reading and figuring things out from the missives you come across but it’s all so fantastically well in theme. There were a couple of times that a puzzle didn’t quite make sense and we pointed this out at the end. One of which, an observation one, was explained by the hosts and to be absolutely fair to them they were right, it’s just we read it a different way, but it wasn’t anything that wasted much time and really wasn’t an issue. But please do not let any of that put you off! This is the latest addition to the rooms at Retford and it’s easy to tell, despite how good the other rooms are. There’s more tech in this room than the other two and it just all works so well. We had a proper mad panic at the end, a real nail biter. More great theming in the final room too and hands on puzzles. It really is one of the best tomb rooms we’ve done (though Extremescape at Disley may have the ace card for tombs but this is quite close!). A very panicked ending for us and I’d have been gutted to fail the room as it was so much fun.

    We were later informed that this room was designed and built by owners Chris and Karen, our lovely wonderful hosts, and what a good job they have done! We really cannot wait to see their next room and to visit the next branch of Enigma in Lincoln!

    Jamie says this room is definitely the best we’ve played over all the Enigma sites with Wakefield’s beautiful Escape From Wonderland a close second. I’ve also got to throw in Doncaster’s The Heist. It’s a brilliant room. It’s so good to see Enigma upping their ante on rooms and exciting to see that they’ve a few other branches set to open in the future.

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