Enigma Retford: Outbreak

Fresh from our escape from POW camp Colditz, we moved onto our second game of the day at Enigma Retford, opting for the zombie themed Outbreak…

“There has been a worldwide zombie outbreak, can you save humanity before it’s too late??”

Outbreak at Enigma Rooms Retford

This game starts in a couple of brightly lit, clinical cells, with the team split into two. It’s something we tend to enjoy at the start of a game, as it means we get some time working alone before we come together for the bulk of the puzzles. The game later moves into the darker areas of a disturbed looking facility, with some good theming touches. They could have made this “just another science lab escape game” (which has quickly become one of my least favourite themes – with the exception of some fab games like the Secret Lab of course), but they’ve created a lab experience with a difference – some props that give it a different feel and relate well to the story.

The puzzles were again well mixed, ranging from some a bit more complex, to a few simple ones that you’ll push through easily as an experienced team. The puzzles are well in theme, as you delve through medical research to try and find the cure. Later on, the puzzles do become a little bit too sciencey, with one in particular likely to frustrate. It was a part of the game that maybe wasn’t as enjoyable as the rest, and we did sort of hit the brakes a little bit.

However, with some help from the clue system, we got back on track and ploughed through the rest of the game, enjoying the additional story touches along the way. Telling a proper story throughout their rooms is something the game creators are clearly keen on.

Overall, another good effort from Enigma Retford. A well themed room with on-story puzzles and a decent flow.

Host: Our hosts were the lovely Chris and Karen who did a great job with well timed clues, interesting briefs, and a good chat afterwards about escape games.
Clue System: Clues were delivered via a screen in the room, with a limit of two clues that can be requested by a doorbell. Alongside clue requesting, they did send through some slight nudges unasked to keep us going through.
Success? Yes, we escaped with 09:14 remaining

Website: enigmarooms.co.uk/retford

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  1. Another more traditional style escape room but again, one done well. A nice start separated meant having to work well as a team and it didn’t take us long at all to be freed in order to have a closer look around. But then we stumbled, in quite a big way, and was loathe to have to ask for a hint so early in the game 🙁 But as in Colditz, this was our own stupidity yet again! I have so many bruises from kicking myself during Enigma Retford’s games! 😀 The main room was done really well and as Jamie says, was made up a little differently from your typical lab escape room although some of your typical escape room “elements” did come into play later (see what I did there?). There was one point in this room towards the end that didn’t quite make sense to us, it involved 2 separate puzzles that are meant to somehow come together but I just didn’t see the connection. We were later informed that this part of the game has been changed around since it’s conception as some players couldn’t understand why you had to perform a certain task. I think it’s still a little bit of a grey area but in no way spoilt the room. There were a couple of nice simple touches in this room and although it was our least favourite of the three rooms at Retford it’s still definitely worth playing! I really thought we weren’t going to successfully escape this room but the ending seemed to come about pretty quickly all of a sudden and we were surprised to see we had a fair chunk of time remaining 🙂

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