Enigma Retford: Colditz

As a franchise, Enigma don’t tend to get mentioned much by enthusiasts, which is probably quite unfair, as we’ve seen really that they’ve got some very good rooms. We had our first experience with them last year, playing some rooms at their now closed Sheffield site, which maybe weren’t quite up to scratch, but this year had our opinions changed. We first played three games (one of which was particularly excellent) at Enigma Doncaster, before replaying the former Look Key Escape Leeds games that now form Enigma Wakefield.

Last weekend, we visited the one open location we hadn’t yet been to, travelling to the previously unheard of town of Retford, to take on all three games starting with Colditz…

“You have been held in a number of POW camps and you have escaped from each one. This time they are sending you to Colditz! Will you escape and make it back home to your loved ones?”

Colditz escape room at Enigma Retford

The game starts in an excellently themed room. It’s only a small space, but they’ve packed so much into it – letters from family back home pinned up next to every bed on the firm wood walls. The room almost had an isolated log cabin feel to it, but it was definitely very well built and set the scene perfectly. Despite the fact it was a prison camp, it was actually quite a pleasant space to be in.

It’s clear they’re very keen on injecting some history into this room, trying to make it as accurate as possible, and ensuring there’s plenty of story to follow along the way. Quite cleverly, the story is a key part of successfully completing the game, adding a good touch of immersion into the process.

In fact, the game can end in one of three ways, as you’re told before you go in. We won’t say much more to keep this a mystery, but two of the ways mean failure, and the process leading up to this produces a fun, scrambled exit.

It was quite a traditional game when it came to the puzzles, focusing more on reading, observation and searching, but there was a good flow, and everything made sense.

Overall, a game with some lovely theming and an interesting plot, weaved together by the puzzles. A good way of starting off our day in Retford!

Host: Our hosts were the lovely Chris and Karen who did a great job with well timed clues, interesting briefs, and a good chat afterwards about escape games.
Clue System: Clues were delivered via a screen in the room, with a limit of two clues that can be requested by a doorbell. Alongside clue requesting, they did send through some slight nudges unasked to keep us going through.
Success? Yes, we escaped with 10:14 remaining

Website: enigmarooms.co.uk/retford

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  1. I really enjoyed this room. Yes it’s quite a traditional escape room but it’s done very well. I loved the theming in the first room and the puzzles throughout the whole game just made complete sense! It flowed really well. We stumbled a couple of times but this was just down to our absolute own stupidity at missing the obvious! Proper dumb moments! We added extra time on at the end too by having an argument about an action 😀 Otherwise we’d have taken the record for a team of 2, only missing out by seconds. Agh! A nice twist to the ending that requires an a light bulb moment (not literally!) and the room sticks strongly to the story throughout. Some nice host interaction at one point too. Just a very well done escape room and one that I definitely recommend.

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