Enigma Wakefield: Murder Motel

At the weekend, we took a trip to Wakefield to replay a couple of games we’d previously taken on in Leeds. Back in 2017, we played both Murder Motel and Escape from Wonderland at the independant Look Key Escape, who have since become part of the Enigma franchise and moved to Wakefield.

It seems to have been a definite good choice, as they’ve moved from a city with a LOT of competition, to become the only venue in Wakefield, and leave behind their very limited Leeds space to much more roomy premises that can hold several more rooms.

Both of the games that were at Look Key Escape have moved to the new location, and although they’re very similar, and have carried over a lot of puzzles, they’re still very different. First of all, we took on the creepy Murder Motel…

“You find yourself trapped in a serial killers Motel room, will you join his list of victims?”

Murder Motel at Enigma Rooms Wakefield

The game story is told with a lot more detail in the pre-game brief than on the website. You’re a motel owner, and you’ve had a guest for a few weeks whose room has been inaccessible to the maids. The strange man staying there has gone out for one of his odd late night walks, giving you around an hour (what a coincidence!) to break into his room and investigate.

The hotel room at the Leeds site was weirdly large, but in Wakefield is of much more realistic dimension. It’s a good space, and it’s very well themed. It’s worth noting the game is set in the 1970s, and the decor is spot on – a very dated hotel room packed with every prop you’d expect. A new addition to the game is that the room now has a bathroom, which is home to a whole new set of puzzles that weren’t included in the original.

The puzzles were great, and initially do involve some heavy searching (which we’re terrible at), that leads on to a range of tasks that all are pretty logical. A particular highlight was a puzzle that involved “items” in the bath – a unique idea that fits in perfectly with the theme.

Overall, this game has a nice flow, and a good quality set, with some well thought out, in-theme puzzles. If you played the original game, there’s a lot of similarities, and you might remember a few puzzles, but there’s plenty of new additions to keep it feeling fresh.

Host: Our hosts were Kieran and Lucy. They delivered good briefs and useful well-timed clues, and it was lovely to chat to them about all things escape afterwards.
Clue System: Clues were delivered via a screen.
Success? Yes, we got out in 46:12, taking a couple of hints along the way.

Website: enigmarooms.co.uk/wakefield

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