Enter Solve Conquer Chesterfield: Exposure

After a busy day of escaping in Matlock, we travelled to the nearby Chesterfield to add an extra game to the itinerary, taking on Exposure at [ESC]…

“There’s been an outbreak. Can you solve the puzzles and create the antidote in 60 minutes?

[EXPOSURE] is our first live action escape room and combines elements of problem solving, teamwork and co-operation to provide a unique evening’s entertainment for groups of 2 – 6 people.

This room is themed around a scientific breakthrough that has gone awry, however no specialist scientific knowledge is required to solve the puzzles.”

Exposure at [ESC] Enter. Solve. Conquer. Chesterfield

On entry to the room, the theming definitely won’t make you go “wow”. It’s a small space that’s half office, and half science lab, and it looks a bit scruffy and fairly run down. This is spot on though, as the lab has supposedly been abandoned for over a decade, and there are some nice touches to show this. As well as cobwebs and the overall dishevelled look, the props included a fax machine, and an ancient Windows PC running a screensaver that I hadn’t seen for over 15 years.

This felt like a bit of a vintage escape room, and at first look around the small space, it looked like there was a lot of heavily sciency things to take in (instant headache!). However, once you start to get into the game, everything starts to piece together logically. There’s some heavy searching to be done, but there are clues in the room to tell you exactly where to search, so this wasn’t a problem. A lot of the puzzles we played were nicely inventive and fun to complete.

As logical games go, this was spot on. Every single puzzle was clear, and everything clicked into place nicely. A lot of the game was non-linear, and you could split up and work on different puzzles, while a few needed a coming together of heads.

Overall, when we first walked into the room, our expectations weren’t that high, but the puzzles and gameplay were a lot of fun, and there was a good flow to everything. It’s a game that’ll scratch your escape room itch, and isn’t a bad choice for adding onto an escape binge if you’re in the area.

Host: Our host was Gazz. He gave us a good brief, and when needed in the room, was clear and well-timed with his clues.
Clue System: Clues were delivered via walkie talkie, and time was tracked on a screen.
Success? Yes, we escaped in 38:25, taking one slight nudge along the way, and landing on 7th place on the leaderboard, above, amongst others, the famous S2 (we can only assume they were having an off day)!

Website: entersolveconquer.com

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  1. I had read Brit of an Escape Habit’s review (https://britofanescapehabit.wordpress.com/2017/09/27/esc-enter-solve-conquer-trio-1-exposure/) and was tempted by the wordiness of this room so as we were in the area (kind of) we booked it.

    As Jamie says, instant reaction on seeing the room was “oh dear”. It looked scruffy and run down, but this is supposed to be an office abandoned 16 years ago so it’s going to look a state! But I think the room was built more to suit the space than the other way round. This was not abandoned in the way that Escapologic do or Kanyu Escape do abandoned who have taken shiny new parts and distressed them. This is just distressed! 😀

    Again, as Jamie says, once you get going in this room everything makes perfect logical sense. Each puzzle will lead you to a key and a part of each puzzle is part of a metapuzzle that leads to a clever revealing movement in the room. The puzzles wee wordy and one was quite lengthy but it didn’t get tiring. Team work works best for this one though. There’s a clever little science experiment too. We really enjoyed it despite it not being a room that blows you away!

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