Deception Escape Rooms Matlock: Trapped

With a 50% success rate from the games we’d played so far at Deception – Scarytale & Jilted – we headed into our third and final room… Trapped.

“Trapped… in a body broken by war.

Trapped… in a mind of emotional turmoil, brought on by the death of his brother.

Now, Trapped… in a web of secrets and horrors he can no longer controL……

…After returning from the battlefield, Dr Papét found himself withdrawing from his life in London and moved to Matlock, to find some ‘peace’ and to focus on his work.

However, a chance meeting one evening with a Mr A.H. Tide, turned his life inside out, leading him down a path of secrets and horrors, he thought he had escaped.

Things are unravelling. the noises in the night, the strange comings and goings and the mysterious disappearances are starting to grab the local’s attention, rumours are spreading, Dr Papét was hiding something.

Do you have the courage and intellect to enter his office and discover his secrets, then escape with them, before his return. or will you too, become ‘Trapped’ in Dr Papéts web… Forever.”

Trapped at Deception Escape Rooms Matlock

This was another room with a very interesting story in the brief that doesn’t give away much about what you can expect. As the brief says, the game starts in the office of Dr Papét, which is a well-lit, nicely furnished space, that despite looking fairly pleasant, leaves you with a slightly uneasy feeling – something isn’t right… The game later takes you into other well themed spaces, all designed perfectly to make you feel ‘Trapped’, especially when the scares start happening.

This is definitely the scariest room out of the three at Deception, although it’s definitely nothing to worry about. There’s some jump scares, and it’s very creepy, but it doesn’t get to the level of anything like the infamous Edith or Butcher rooms. The room did scare me, but not at that level – if I’m okay in a room, everyone else should be! (I’m a coward).

The puzzles in the room were strong too, and even at one point when it looked overwhelmingly science based, it was still very doable with some thought. Another point in the room features you opening a door, and this is done with a fun, unique puzzle – in fact, now I come to think of it, there wasn’t a normal way of opening a door in this room – every door had something unique to it!

Our final game at Deception was another very enjoyable one. Good quality theming, well thought out puzzles, and another mysterious story make this a very fun experience.

We had a great time at Deception, and we’re surprised to have not heard more about them! All three games were of very good quality – perfectly creepy with fun, well thought out puzzles, and well written storylines. We can’t wait to see what else they have in store for us!

Host: Our game was hosted by Tina and Sam. Perfect game briefings, and good clue delivery. We chatted to them for ages about all things escape, and it’s clear they’re very passionate about what they do.
Clue System: Clues were delivered via walkie talkie.
Success? Yes, we escaped with a time of 57:04, taking a few clues along the way.


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  1. Ahh I think we may have just saved the best till last! There is a lot to be getting on with for a team of two in Trapped so we cracked on with it! The first part of the game is in a typical doctor’s office with just an edge of creepiness. There’s a mix of observational and physical puzzles in here and they’re done very well. The next part of the game is initially quite a lot to take in and seems impossible to solve without having a degree in chemistry…but take it all in, read carefully, and it’s actually all really quite simple and totally logical. There’s a nice sense of achievement for completing this part of the game after at first thinking you don’t stand a chance! A good use of the props will see you progress to a creepier part of the game, and yes, it did scare Jamie, but it doesn’t take much to do that! Quite amusing seeing a grown man shoving past me to get away from any entry points 😀 But it really isn’t scary! Couple of jump scares that can get to you but that’s all 🙂 Again, a brilliant use of space here for Trapped and a special type of door we’ve not encountered before!

    Deception Escape Rooms have three strong rooms. They’re all quite challenging but at a nice level, not too hard or easy, and you’ll certainly get your moneys’ worth in either of the three rooms. There’s some great use of space and original ideas that we’ve not seen anywhere before. We had a great time and we definitely recommend paying them a visit!

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