Deception Escape Rooms Matlock: Jilted

Following our unsuccessful attempt at Scarytale, we jumped straight into our next room, Jilted…

“A frightening message? A broken chain? A missing bride? A freed spirit? A Tragedy? Or simply Jilted?

We all know not to mess around with things we don’t understand, don’t we?

And we certainly wouldn’t do it on the eve of our wedding now would we?

Amy-Jay obviously hadn’t heard about these rules and in her hotel suite on the eve of her wedding, she and some members of the bridal party decided to play a game…

It is a case of life or death, but which one? And who’s? You need to work quickly and solve the clues find out what really happened after the bridal party left the bride.”

Jilted at Deception Escape Rooms Matlock

It’s always nice to play a game with a unique theme, and having never taken on a ‘wedding’ themed room before, we weren’t sure what to expect. What we received was a pleasant looking space filled with congratulations cards, champagne, hearts, and even a wedding dress. Despite this, there was always a slightly creepy atmosphere, and as you moved through the game, the theme and decoration developed to confirm your feelings… There was a great part of the room that had been built to take you between the spaces, and the detail was great.

In terms of puzzles, this game seemed to hit you with everything – searching, jigsaws, observation, reading, physical and more. The storyline is woven thickly into the gameplay, as you find out exactly what happened to the bride – it’s always good to see a room where the storyline you’re given in the brief isn’t forgotten about once through the door. The game had a good flow, and was mostly linear, although in the early stages you can branch off into different directions.

Overall, this was another good game from Deception, with well thought out theming, fun gameplay, and a story that reels you in.

Host: Our game was hosted by Tina and Sam. Perfect game briefings, and good clue delivery. We chatted to them for ages about all things escape, and it’s clear they’re very passionate about what they do.
Clue System: Clues were delivered via walkie talkie.
Success? Yes, we escaped with a time of 57:20, taking a few clues along the way.


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  1. A wedding room! What a unique them for a room! Of course it’s not just all hearts and flowers here….so it’s certainly not a girly room if any blokes are put off playing! It’s actually got quite a dark story…. and again, as in Scarytale, the story is strong throughout the game.

    Quite a small space but with quite a lot to do, varied puzzles and a touch of searching, which we are rubbish at! The highlight in this game comes at the halfway point when again, the use of space to get from one part to another has been used fantastically well and is something we’ve only come across once before in all the games we’ve played previously, but with this one being far superior and really quite realistic. The game then takes a darker turn and there’s lots of frantic puzzle solving to be getting on with, enough to keep a large team occupied but not too much for a team of 2. Again, lots of clever puzzles that get you thinking! A very good and challenging little room!

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