Hour Escape Loughborough: The Abandoned Cabin

We’d previously visited Loughborough to play at the great Break Escape, with absolutely no idea that just around the corner was another venue. It was only a few days before the Bank Holiday that we were given a recommendation from Amy at Brit of an Escape Habit, and after they kindly agreed to let us play at a different time to fit them into our plans, we were all ready to take on the Abandoned Cabin…

“During a heavy storm in the Claw Forest, you and your backpacker friends
have stumbled across what you think is an abandoned cabin.

Taking shelter you soon realise that you are locked in and all is not as it seems…”

The Abandoned Cabin at Hour Escape Loughborough

There’s a few options for booking this room – it’s available as a versus challenge, with an identical game next door, and you can choose between the ‘scary’ and ‘non-scary’ options. We played together in just the one room, opting for the ‘non-scary’ version, even getting asked further before we went in just how ‘non-scary’ we’d want it – it’s great they go the extra step to tailor the experience to the player.

The early parts of the game take place in complete darkness, and it’s never really a problem, as you’re told you’re able to use your phone as a torch, as well as also finding more powerful torches along the way. From what you could see in the minimal lighting, the room was well themed. The game starts in a small space at first (you’d struggle to get more than four in!), before moving into a more open room. The cabin is filled with all sorts of props, some of which are genuinely creepy, especially in the flicker of a torch light.

The game itself took in a good variety of puzzles, and had a very good flow. It was pretty much linear, and it felt like we never stopped ploughing through the puzzles, apart from a point early on where we couldn’t find an object we needed. There was a searching element to the game, but the objects were all very cleverly hidden – it’s not a strong point for us in terms of skills, but we didn’t do too badly. Towards the end of the game, we hit a logic puzzle that at first made us groan – it looked like it was going to be a bit tedious, but it actually became really enjoyable.

Overall, this game was pleasantly surprising – we weren’t expecting much, having never really seen much talk about it amongst enthusiasts, but it was a fairly solid room. A good standard of theming, well rounded puzzles, and an overall fun, well-flowing game. According to both our host, and the owner, their other game ‘Escape the Gallery’ is even better, so we’re looking forward to definitely coming back and giving it a go!

Host: Our host was Cloe, who never left us stuck for too long with perfectly timed clues, and delivered a good brief. Clearly enthusiastic about escape games too, which is always a plus.
Clue System: Clues were delivered via a voice over the speakers.
Success? Yes, we don’t know the exact time, but we think we had around eight minutes remaining.

Website: hourescape.co.uk

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