Enigma Doncaster: Ward 13

After a rare leaderboard topping performance from us in The Heist, we headed into our final room of the day… Ward 13.

“You’ve been mistakenly put on Ward 13, you have only 60 minutes to escape before being trapped here forever.”

Ward 13 at Enigma Doncaster escape rooms

This game starts off in a very well kitted out hospital ward, with a lot of authentic props, and good decoration that gives off the abandoned and creepy feel intended – damp on the walls, blood on the floors etc. The hospital feel to this room was very strong, and Sam did point out a couple of times that it even smelled like a hospital.

The gameplay in the first part of the room felt really stilted – mostly down to us stalling a lot. Every time we cracked something, we hit another roadblock! As with the other two rooms we’d played here, the puzzles were all well tied in with the theme, and it felt like an authentic experience.

We eventually broke through to the next space, a new addition to the room since it originally opened, and there was a sudden change to the feel of the game, as you jump from abandoned ward, to state of the art creepy morgue. Again, the puzzles were well themed, and it’s worth noting that in both parts of the game, it’s worth looking VERY closely at things. Every time we went wrong with something, it’s because we couldn’t see things we needed!

Overall, this is a step up in difficulty from Hostage, and a good bridge between the two other games at Enigma Doncaster. Newbies, take at least three players, enthusiasts, you’ll be fine in your normal team size.

And that was our final game at Enigma Doncaster! When we played at the Sheffield branch, we found the games good, but not good enough to have us rushing back to the other Enigma locations. However, this is something we now regret, as the games at Doncaster really changed our opinions. There’s a big step up in theming and gameplay, and we really enjoyed our time here. Nick has recommended a trip to the newer Enigma Retford location, and it’s now high on our list of nearby places to do. We’re looking forward to it!

Host: Again, our host was Nick. We had a big chat with him afterwards about all things escape, and it was lovely to meet another enthusiastic owner. Thanks for a great time!
Clue System: Clues were delivered via a screen, with players pressing a button to request hints (a maximum of two in this room). However, if you’re looking stuck, you might receive a couple of free nudges without requesting, as we did.
Success? Yes, taking a few clues, we got out in 44:30.

Website: enigmarooms.co.uk/doncaster

One comment

  1. After playing so well in The Heist we weren’t too great in Ward 13! It seemed to take us ages to get going, then we’d stumble, get going, stumble again, and so on! It did take me a while to get over the fact it actually smelt like a hospital too! 😀 A couple of our failings were down to being rubbish at searching, a usual stumbling block for us! One puzzle we felt could have been made simpler by having a pen and paper but actually it wasn’t as difficult as first thought but maybe a chart at the bottom of the bed that you could write on if needed would be a nice little extra useful touch. I definitely preferred the second part of this game that included a nice little puzzle with some test tubes. Exiting the room was a bit more interesting than usual too!

    We’re glad we went back to Enigma Rooms and with Nick saying the Retford branch are probably yet another step up we will definitely be heading there soon.



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