Enigma Doncaster: The Heist

Immediately after breaking out of our Hostage experience, we set about our next mission, this time breaking into a museum to steal a precious diamond…

“You’re a team of cat burglars with your eye’s on the world famous Enigma Diamond. Will you escape with the diamond, escape with just your freedom or be caught in the act and do hard time?”

The Heist at Enigma Doncaster escape rooms

It was clear they’d really gone all out with this room in terms of theming. It was only a small space, but it was filled with a lot of items and many paragraphs of information displayed next to them, giving off a really immersive museum feel. The decoration develops as you head into other parts of the game, and overall, it always looked like a lot of thought had gone into it.

This game has the lowest success rate at Enigma Doncaster, and it’s easy to see why. There’s not a huge amount of things to do, but the tasks to complete in the room do take a lot of thought and observation. The puzzles are really well thought out and all completely in-theme, whether it’s to do with breaking down some of the museum’s displayed information, or reading between the lines of internal communication from museum staff. It’s definitely one of the more wordy games we’ve played, but we really enjoyed the different direction it took. It’s also worth noting that there’s not a single padlock in this room – it’s a fully automated game, and it works perfectly.

Without a doubt, this is the most difficult game at Enigma Doncaster, but it’s also the best. It feels like a lot of work has gone into the puzzles, and it’s definitely unique. It’s not a game we’ve heard a lot about, but it’s definitely one of the Yorkshire escape scene’s hidden gems.

Enthusiasts, you’ll be fine in your normal team size, but newbies, take at least three, maybe four players. The more brains, the better!

Host: Our host was Nick again, who gave clear clues when needed, and delivered a good brief.
Clue System: Clues were delivered via a screen, with players pressing a button to request hints (a maximum of three in this room). However, if you’re looking stuck, you might receive a couple of free nudges without requesting, as we did.
Success? Yes, we escaped in 49 minutes, the fastest time for a team of two, taking a few clues along the way.

Website: enigmarooms.co.uk/doncaster

One comment

  1. I really really liked this room! We’ve only done a couple of museum rooms previously, Haligonian at Escaporium, Halifax, and Treasure Hunter, Lock In Escape, Manchester. Both are done very well theming wise with the Haligonian having lots of fun puzzles to solve whilst Treasure Hunter involves quite a lot of standing around thinking, which gets a bit tiresome. How would The Heist compare? Very damn well actually! It’s very well themed with lots of artefacts on display with detailed descriptions and although there is a little standing around thinking it’s only minimum and tiresome at all. The puzzles make very good use of the exhibits and descriptions, all the information you need is there, it just needs some observation and a good amount of thinking, to get to the answers! The puzzles further on get a little more difficult but never too hard and you do have the handy life line hint button available if needed. We used this a couple of times because although we knew the jist of what we needed to do, we did need clarification on two puzzles, but this is not the room’s fault, just ours! No locks to open. I’m happy with tons of padlocks (Clue HQ!) or none at all when done well, as it is here! We worked well in this room and were really pleased to see we had got the fastest time for a team of 2. A nice level of difficulty here with no logic leaps, just a proper good old use your brain room. Very well done!


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