Enigma Doncaster: Hostage

Enigma are becoming quite a big escape franchise chain across Yorkshire, but we’ve not really visited them much so far. Last year, we played a couple of games at Enigma Sheffield, and we also did both games at Look Key Escape in Leeds, which have since moved on to become a part of Enigma Wakefield.

Finally, we headed back to take on some more of Enigma’s rooms, this time heading to Doncaster to play all three of the games at their branch, the first being Hostage…

“You and your team have been captured and placed in confinement, you only have 60 minutes to escape before you are taken for interrogation! This room is great for families with kids but it is dark to start with.”

Hostage at Enigma Doncaster escape rooms

The story doesn’t give too much away, and to be fair, there isn’t much of a story in the game either. Simply, you’re being held prisoner, and you need to get out. It’s a fairly straightforward set up, leaving the focus entirely on the gameplay.

The room was very well decorated. The first parts of the room were held in very dimly lit places, but torches are eventually found, and the darkness never really hinders you. The room really looked the part – a run down, dingy room with no windows, that definitely looked like the sort of place someone might be held hostage.

The game begins with you handcuffed to your teammates, but it doesn’t go on for too long, and does add an element to the game as you start to search the room. The puzzles were all quite simple to complete – enthusiasts probably won’t have any surprises to face, but it’s still a fun game. There was one puzzle that used a mechanic I’ve seen a couple of times elsewhere, but this time it was executed perfectly – a lovely touch.

Overall, this is a fun game that enthusiasts will find a walk in the park. It’s definitely more of a beginner room, but don’t let it put you off – it’s still enjoyable. Brand new players – this is a really good room for you to start in, a great introduction to escape rooms.

Host: Our host was Nick, who delivered a great brief, gave helpful clues, and really knew what he was talking about when it came to escape rooms. It’s always a bonus to play somewhere that’s run by someone with a passion for escaping.
Clue System: Clues were delivered via a screen, with players pressing a button to request hints (a maximum of two in this room). However, if you’re looking stuck, you might receive a couple of free hints without requesting, as we did.
Success? Yes, we escaped this room with 24 minutes remaining, taking a couple of hints.

Website: enigmarooms.co.uk/doncaster

One comment

  1. As Jamie says, it took us long enough to get round to going to an Enigma branch in the first place and after playing at the Sheffield branch and enjoying the games but not really being blown away, we’ve just been going elsewhere. What a mistake that was because Enigma Doncaster are certainly a step up from the Sheffield branch (who’s games are still worth playing btw!). Hostage had good theming and good simple enough puzzles but we still needed an occasional hint. Again, as Jamie says, there’s one puzzle later in the game that we have seen done in a slightly different way in a couple of rooms in Manchester a few years ago that kind of worked but here it works very well! We were really impressed that something so simple was done so well. Overall not a difficult room but still fun. The owner has plans to change the latter stage of the game too. Nice to see an owner wanting to improve on good enough rooms already.


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