Lock Down Escape Warrington: The Asylum

Following the success of our first game at Lock Down, we headed straight into the second game ‘The Asylum’, the newest room at the location…

“You are TRAPPED in a MENTAL ASYLUM trying to prove your sanity and challenge your mind to outwit DR DEATH and escape before he straps you to his surgical table for experiments…”

The Asylum at Lock Down Escape Warrington

This game takes place in a large space that has been utilised really well. The game starts in a reception area, and later takes you down a corridor with a couple of rooms, including a padded cell. Each space was well dressed, and gave of a strong abandoned feel.

There was a good flow to this game for the majority of it, with only a couple of moments where we found ourselves standing around with no clue what to do. Aside from one maths puzzle that had some slightly annoying ambiguity to it, everything else worked well, and it was a fun game.

The Asylum was a much better game than The Lost Soul, and it was clear to see the step up the owner has made over time. Theming was a lot more detailed and immersive, and the puzzles had a touch more innovation and clarity to the them. This is definitely the better game between the two we played, and although I wouldn’t recommend sticking it at the top of your to-do list, if you’re in the area and desperately need to scratch that escape itch, give it a try.

Host: As with the previous game, we had Craig – friendly, enthusiastic, and well timed clues.
Clue System: Clues were delivered via text message on a phone.
Success? Yes we got out with around 12 minutes remaining.

Website: www.lockdownescapeeg.co.uk

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  1. Straight from The Lost Soul we entered The Asylum. Theming was much better in here and there were plenty of props to examine to keep you busy. The starter puzzle was remarkably similar to a puzzle we had just completed in The Lost Soul, which was a little disappointing but if you didn’t play the rooms back to back like we did then this obviously wouldn’t be noticed. After that though the puzzles were all different and worked well. That’s not to say we didn’t come unstuck at times though because we did, but Craig was always attentive and sent us clues through right when we needed them, despite being on his own and having other customers to deal with. We liked the use of the space, the way they had splitted it up into sections you worked through. Overall not a bad room and as above, although not necessarily one you must play it’s one to try if you’re in the area. You can certainly see a difference in quality with it being the newest room in the venue so it looks like things are on the up here! 🙂

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