Unescapable Derby: Tommy

We’d heard great things about Unescapable around around a year ago, and despite wanting to go, it kept getting put off. It was criminal how long it took us to pay a visit! Finally, at the weekend, we went to take on their two rooms, kicking things off with Tommy…

“We need to test that this portal works properly, we’re pretty sure that it does but we just need to be certain! From what we can gather Tommy has landed somewhere in the midst of the Western Front in 1917. There is a very significant chance/the slight possibility that the portal could break when you go through (but it probably won’t don’t worry) If it does though, don’t panic, your team are just going to have to fix the time portal before the bridge collapses and you’re trapped in the past forever.”

Tommy at Unescapable Derby

The immersiveness of Unescapable’s setup is excellent. Their reception area looks fantastic, taking on the role of a “top secret time travel facility” hidden under the disguise of escape rooms. Whereas some games involve time travel, they’ll often say in the brief “you are going back in time”, and then push you into a room. However, Unescapable, like London’s Time Run, add a touch of theatre. Before each room, you’re briefed in a time travel lab, before you go through the portal and eventually enter the timezone your game is taking place in.

Tommy takes place in WWI bunker, and the theming is superb. This is a game that truly cuts you off from the outside world, and aside from the cameras hidden away in corners, there is absolutely nothing in the room to tell you you’re in a building in Derby city centre. The decor really is done to a high standard, with walls made of sandbags and authentic props. A properly atmospheric, immersive room.

Gameplay was excellent too. Aside from a couple of escape room type puzzles that required some working out, everything else was slightly ‘Crystal Mazey’, with some clever moments.

Overall, Tommy is a high quality game – my only negative is that it could do with an extra couple of puzzles, as even with us having some large delays from making mistakes, we did get out with a large chunk of time left. It’s a great looking space, and it’d be nice to spend some more time in it!

Host: Our game was hosted by Joe, who gave us plenty of help when needed, albeit with some sarcasm. Hilarious hosting!
Clue System: Clues were delivered via walkie talkie
Success? Yes, with a few clues, we escaped in around 45 minutes

Website: unescapable.co.uk

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  1. I’ve just added another venue to my favourites list! Stu and Joe the owners are proper funny guys which adds to the experience. The lobby/waiting area is pretty impressive and is linked to the games themselves. This isn’t one of those places that have lovely looking reception areas and just average looking games though. Tommy (and Edith) have brilliant theming and immersion factor here is high! Space is used very very well with narrow sand bagged corridors to navigate rather than just stepping from one room to another. Puzzles are in theme and a mix of mental and physical. We did wish there was just another puzzle or two to complete though but it was nice not to hit panic mode although we did falter slightly over a couple of the puzzles, which resulted in a nice touch of sarcasm from the host over the walkie talkie 😀

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