Unescapable Derby: Edith

Fresh from our return from 1917, we headed straight into our second room. We’d heard a lot about this one previously, namely just how scary it was…

“When we first open a time portal we send one of our scientists back to make sure everything is ok and it is all safe and stable – we sent Edith, but unfortunately she hasn’t returned… We’ve now lost communication with her, but we do know that she was trying to shut the portal down when something stopped her. We need your team to finish the job – we would go ourselves but we’re too scared.”

Edith at Unescapable Derby

Let’s get this out of the way. I hate scary rooms. I honestly don’t like doing them. So why did I agree to play this? That’s a question I asked myself at several points during it…

Edith is set in an old dressmaker’s workshop, and the theming again is done well. Whereas the theming in Tommy was more ‘cinematic’, Edith takes on the guise of your typical horror escape room, with an abandoned, creepy look. It’s well furnished and propped, and the layout really lends itself to the scare part of the game (more about that later).

The puzzles were well mixed, with some that required some mental working out and others that needed some skill. I think that without the scares, it would be a fun, but not too difficult game. With the scares, everything feels likes it takes slightly longer, as you’re filled with apprehension every time you needed to do something.

Again, the time portal side of the game was utilised well, giving a very unique entrance and exit to the room. The portal is the focal point of the game as well, although it’s worth noting that in Tommy, you need to reactivate it to get back home, whilst in Edith, you need to shut it down permanently (and it’s easy to see why).

Onto the scares – without a doubt, this is the scariest escape room I’ve ever played. I’ve only played three others to be fair – Howitz & Butcher at Escapologic, and Nerve Klinik at Break Escape. In the two of those games that had an actor in the room, you typically knew where they’d jump from – what door to avoid, etc. There’d be jump scares, and they’re genuinely frightening games, but Edith does it in a psychologically different way.

For a long while, aside from a few noises, there’s no sign of anybody else in the room, and it’s the anticipation that kills you. It’s only once you find yourself in the next part of the game that the anticipation develops into sheer terror. The scares are done extremely well, as you never know exactly where the ‘person’ is, mostly down to the excellently mysterious layout. I won’t lie – at several points in the game I refused to move or do anything, and there were several points that everything stopped because of my staying put. In fact, I did at one point have to negotiate a 15 second ‘scare free’ period to get from one place to another over the walkie talkie.

Overall, this is a superb horror game. The escape game element itself is good, but the scare side of things is perfect for horror fans. If you don’t like doing scary games – really, definitely, do not play this (or at least contact them to ask about changing the scare level, as it’s too good a game to miss out on). If you love them, you’ll love this.

Host: Our game was hosted by Joe & Stu. Joe did an excellent job with the clues, while Stu took the brunt of me shouting “F**K OFF” every time I heard a noise.
Clue System: Clues were delivered via walkie talkie
Success? Despite my several “close to quitting” moments, and the large delays, again down to me, we did get out with around two minutes spare.

Website: unescapable.co.uk


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