Game Over Rochdale: Winter is Coming

After a quick two minute breather, we went straight from our first game to the next – the Game of Thrones inspired “Winter is Coming”…

“Since the white walkers crossed the wall all hope for man seems lost. Great houses crumble as noble knights and men-at-arms fall. Yet one hope may remain, an ancient scroll speaks of a great power that could turn the tide of war. Guide your party through the perils of war and discover the secret of castle Black. May the gods be with you, old and new. Man kind depends on you…”

Winter is Coming at Game Over Rochdale

I say Game of Thrones inspired, this game is pretty much a solid GOT room. Family names, map locations, the Iron throne – there’s a lot of stuff from the books and TV series in this room. Great for Game of Thrones fans!

Again, the room was well themed. The main part of the game took place in a quite roomy space, with some great Game of Thrones props and decorations, including a large replica of the Iron Throne.

The puzzles in the room were really enjoyable, with some clever little touches that created some good moments in the game. The game was mostly linear, and as with the pirate room, used technology (hidden well to keep in theme) to create some good stand out puzzles. The final puzzle in particular was a nice idea, but unfortunately it didn’t work correctly for us, and one of the hosts had to come in to help.

Overall, Game of Thrones fans will enjoy this room, but it doesn’t shun those who know nothing about it either. The game delivers with an hour of fun puzzles and an interesting set. We definitely enjoyed it!

Host: We don’t remember our host’s name unfortunately, but she was very nice and gave us well timed clues.
Clue System: Clues were delivered via a speaker, when requested by pressing a button. The general rule is that you have to wait 11 minutes between clues, but it seems quite flexible if you need more.
Success? Yes, taking 2 clues, we escaped with around 10 minutes remaining.


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