Game Over Rochdale: Pirates of Caribbean

At the weekend, we decided to stay local and play a couple of games at Game Over’s recently opened Rochdale location. We’re always slightly apprehensive when it comes to playing at big chains, having had some poor experiences elsewhere, but this was our first visit to one of the Game Over branches. Would our two games impress? We started with Pirates of Caribbean…

“The most feared ship of all pirates ‘Blackbeard’ is lying low in the water, laden with gold. Will you risk it all by sneaking aboard, getting past the skeleton crew, and stealing away with his most valuable item? Hurry the coast won’t be clear for long…either glory or death await you.”

Pirates of Caribbean at Game Over Rochdale

First of all, the theming in this room is great. It’s got a proper piratey feel to it, with some good props and a lot of wood, all topped off with a decent soundtrack to add to the atmosphere.

When it came to gameplay, the puzzles were of a good quality too. We’d heard from a few reviews that the theming was great, but the puzzles not so much. However, there was nothing in there disappointing or out of place at all. We played really badly, and had several moments of standing around absolutely clueless.

It’s good to see a chain try to take puzzles away from paper based mental workouts, bringing in some interesting technology, and one puzzle that we hadn’t seen elsewhere did impress us.

Overall, it was a fun little game, with a nice mix of puzzles. There were a few that did require a bit of thinking, and some that were easy enough but a lot of fun. For newbies, this is a good challenge – not really difficult, but there’s plenty in here to test you. Experienced players shouldn’t have any issues at all – take a team of two – three at the most.

Host: Our host was David who delivered the brief well, and gave us useful clues when requested.
Clue System: Clues were delivered via a speaker, when requested by pressing a button. The general rule is that you have to wait 11 minutes between clues, but it seems quite flexible if you need more.
Success? Yes, we got out taking 2-3 clues, with around 4 minutes remaining.


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