Enigma Quests London: The Million Pound Heist

We concluded our escape day trip to London with a third and final game, heading to Enigma Quests. We’d heard great things about their “School of Witchcraft & Wizardry” game, but it was fully booked on the day we were visiting, so we opted to play their second room – The Million Pound Heist.

“Your team is breaking into the safehouse of London’s most notorious criminal gang.

You will have to analyse highly confidential information, navigate your way through top level security and all this before you can even attempt to enter the vault.

Of course there is money involved, but the challenges along the way will be tough and efficient teamwork will be absolutely essential to get you anywhere.

Only the top scoring teams will make it to the leaderboard. Do you have what it takes to make the top ten?”

The Million Pound Heist at Enigma Quests London

The game starts, as it says in the brief, in the safehouse of a criminal gang. It’s a nice looking officey type space with a lot to look at, most of which were part of the game. There’s not really much to say about the theming with it being an office – it was done to a good level, and was a reasonably large space. Later on in the game, the theming steps up a notch as you break into the vault – it’s quite an immersive setting that looks spot on.

Moving on from the theming, the gameplay in this room was great. There’s a nice central puzzle in the first room that links to a few other things. It was quite a layered puzzle and it really lent itself to working as a team – a team of two or three people could work on this together without getting in the way.

When the game moves onto the more exciting part of the story – breaking into the vault – the puzzles really step up in terms of innovation and excitement. The main device used to open the vault was superb – something we’ve not seen before and looked like it had been pulled from the set of a gameshow. The amount of things you have to do to actually break into the vault give it a sense of immersion and realism.

The finale to the game is very cleverly done. On the surface of things, it seems simple enough, but there’s a lovely twist that will make or break your effort to get onto the leaderboard. Sam actually did suggest exactly what we needed to do, but we carried on doing what we were doing, and got out with not as good a result as we could have had!

Overall, this is a cracking game. There are some brilliant puzzles in the room that give you a perfect heist experience. Heist games are becoming more and more regular (like science labs, Egyptian tombs, and detective offices!), but this one is a cut above many.

Host: Our host was Shane – he did a great job, and sensing some frustration with the clue system (see below) a couple of times, gave us some well timed pushes. We had a long chat with him afterwards about escape games – always a plus point to have an enthusiast as your host!
Clue System: Clues were delivered via a phone. You could dial out for a clue, which would require you to give up 10% of your eventual takings each time, or you could answer the phone when the host felt you needed help, with this method losing you 5%. We were reluctant to dial out, but eventually took a clue for 5%, and later received a free push (something very small, not worthy of a full hint!) via a speaker.
Success? Yes, we escaped with £455,770, and I think around 10 minutes to spare (which in hindsight we should have used productively!)

Website: enigmaquests.london

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