Stuck in the Riddle Huddersfield: Murder Mystery

Well, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? After playing the great games at Kanyu Escape on 18th February, we didn’t play a single escape room for around a month and a half, finally breaking our drought with a trip to Stuck in the Riddle on Good Friday. It’s one of the longest periods we’ve had without an escape game, and after a packed start to 2018 with trips to Leicester, Gravesend and more, it felt a bit weird!

Worried we might have completely forgotten how to play an escape game, despite having nearly 160 games under our belts, we went back to play the second room at Stuck in the Riddle. We loved their first game The Dungeon, and was very impressed with the room despite the company being a relatively small, new, inexperienced outlet. Would Murder Mystery live up to it?

“There’s been a murder! Whilst attending Lord Farringdon’s annual dinner his Lordship leaves the room for a short time and suddenly there is a loud gunshot! You were the last to see him alive so suspicion quickly turns to you. The quick thinking Colonel jumps to conclusions and bumbles you into Lord Farringdon’s study and locks the door behind you while the police are called.

You know you’re not the murderer, but you need to find out who is, where he was killed, and with which murder weapon so you can tell the police when they arrive to arrest you in an hour.”

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For a basic study, the room was very nicely themed. It had a bright feel to it, and was well decorated. It’s not a unique, stunning looking room, but it doesn’t need to be. It’s a setting that some effort has gone into, but the attention remains firmly on the puzzles.

The gameplay was excellent. It had an excellent Cluedo feel to it, with you needing to find the weapon, killer, and murder location to get out. Of course, the clues to the solution are delivered by opening padlocks and drawers and so on, in a traditional escape room fashion.

The puzzles to get you to this were nicely varied and in some cases quite innovative. There were some lovely unique puzzles, one of which took place in a brilliantly confusing space. Stuck in the Riddle have done a great job with the puzzles in this room – there’s a few traditional jobs to be done, but plenty of moments that’ll make you go “ah, clever”. There’s also a way of inputting a code in the room that doesn’t quite fit into the period the game is set in, but was a nice addition all the same.

Overall, we had a lot fun in this room. Although it’s a relatively easy game for experienced players (take a team of 2!), there’s still enough in there to make it enjoyable, and not leave you feeling shortchanged. Newer players, a team of 3-4 might be recommended.

Host: Our host was Andy, who judged when we needed pushes perfectly, delivering useful but not obvious clues.
Clue System: Clues were delivered via a screen.
Success? Yes, we escaped with 13:07 remaining, taking a few clues.



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