Kanyu Escape Wetherby: Lightning in a Bottle

Following on from ‘Follow in my Footsteps’, we went straight into the second game, ‘Lightning in a Bottle’…

“The secrets of South Lodge may be valuable beyond measure, but dangers await those who would learn them. Knowing the risks, Sir Henry built a back-up laboratory in South Lodge.

Now you must use the long-abandoned lab to reveal one of the Secrets of South Lodge. But take care, danger awaits…”

Lightning in a Bottle at Kanyu Escape Wetherby

Again, Kanyu Escape have built another excellently themed room. Metal walls covered in rust, vintage wooden cupboard filled with science gear, and an eye catching central piece that would later become a key part of the game.

Parts of the game were quite open, while later on it became more linear. It was perfectly varied though, with us working away at things in silence at opposite ends of the room at times, and other times shouting instructions at each other as we worked together. It’s always great when a room gets the balance right, and they did so not just in terms of who did what, but also with the types of puzzles. Some required some serious thinking, others were purely skill based.

Nothing was tedious or ambiguous, everything was genuinely fun to complete, mostly down to just how clever and innovative the design of the puzzles were. It felt like a game that was absolutely packed with things to do as well, despite us getting out with around 15 minutes left.

Overall, this is an excellent game. It’s hidden away in such an odd location, but the journey is worth it. It reminds me of Extremescape in Disley, in that the out-of-town location disguises what is actually a fantastically designed and themed game. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for Kanyu Escape next…

Host: Again, our host was owner and creator Bob. After the game, we sat down with him for a brew and discussed all things escape. He’s very passionate about what he does, and the fact he’s only played three games doesn’t really show in what he’s created.
Clue System: Clues were delivered via a screen
Success? Yes, we escaped in 44:57

Website: www.kanyu.co.uk

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  1. Wow. Totally opposite theme of room to the first one but yet still beautiful (in its own way!) to look at. Bob showed us after what the walls and cupboards etc had originally looked like…. think bog standard office cupboard…. it’s VERY impressive how it’s all been made to look. Fantastic theming. Fun logical puzzles which I enjoyed despite it being really a kind of theme that wouldn’t appeal to me on paper. One puzzle kind of stood out for not fitting in (but fun to do!) but the rest all fitted the theme perfectly. This was a fantastic room with all manner of different puzzles, something to suit everyone! We highly recommend this place to newcomers and experienced players alike.

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