Kanyu Escape Wetherby: Follow in my Footsteps

We’d heard great things about this mysterious little location and it’s games. Officially Kanyu Escape, it’s also known as Secrets of South Lodge, and is based in the old gatehouse of a long gone manor house. In the 21st century, the space is now surrounded by a roundabout, just off the A1 (M). Very handy location! We started with the study based game of Follow in my Footsteps…

“Sir Henry’s travels across Africa took him to places and peoples no outsider had ever seen before. He went in search of precious metals and gemstones, but unearthed a secret riches could never buy.

Sit Henry’s oak-panelled study will set you on the path of discovery. Can you re-trace his steps to learn one of the Secrets of South Lodge.”

Follow in my Footsteps at Kanyu Escape Wetherby

As games based in studies go, the theming in this room is beautiful. It gives off a proper discovery feel, with perfect props, pictures and furniture, as well as a LOT of intriguing oak lockers built into the walls.

The gameplay was great too, with the path moving from linear, to open, to linear again. Everything felt very logical, and nothing was over complicated or ambiguous, with every puzzle fitting the story nicely, woven together with excerpts of Sir Henry’s diary.

There’s a nice surprise at the halfway point of the game, which takes the story into a different direction. Puzzles became more physical, before a large finale puzzle that tied in two well crafted pieces of equipment.

Overall, Follow in my Footsteps is a room that really tries to tell a story as well as entertain you with puzzles. You get reeled into Sir Henry’s journey of discovery, and it’s a joy to play. It’s a definite beginner room, but as an enthusiast, you don’t feel short changed by the short time you complete game in.

Host: Our host was owner and creator Bob, who gave us some very useful pushes when needed.
Clue System: Clues are delivered via a screen, and later by voice.
Success? Yes, we escaped in around 34 minutes (we didn’t get a specific time), and found ourselves in second place on the leaderboard. If someone hadn’t messed up on a puzzle, we’d have taken top spot, as we were only two minutes behind the leaders (who else but Ken & S2!).

Website: www.kanyu.co.uk

One comment

  1. Haha. When we found out we’d come second to S2 and Ken we accepted it gracefully. But the realisation that by me stuffing up the final puzzle and losing us several minutes then kicked in and I was gutted 😆 Had Jamie done that puzzle we’d have beaten them. Agghh! I doubt we’ll ever get close to them again! 😭

    A lovely game in a lovely space.


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