The Panic Room Gravesend: Ten Fathoms Deep

After two action packed days at The Panic Room, we entered our third and final session, this time taking on three games. Our first was a versus challenge that is open to two teams of 2-5 players, but we decided to play one vs one anyway…

“The hull is about to give in, the safety glass about to crack. Two rival crews but only one emergency escape pod remains. Two identical rooms, the ultimate competitive VS experience that you have all been asking for. Can your crew get to the submarines last remaining escape pod and reach the surface? Or will you drown as the other crew seals their victory and your fate?”

Ten Fathoms Deep at The Panic Room Gravesend

The submarine set is beautifully created. Grated floors, port holes, metallic walls, and an overwhelming control panel. It’s another really immersive room designed by The Panic Room, with nothing looking out of place.

The game requires you to complete puzzles to find six batteries. When you insert the batteries into the control panel, a light in the other team’s room will come on to show them how many you’ve found. It’s a clever way of keeping track of where the other team is up to, and really does amp up the competitive tension.

The puzzles were a joy to complete – some searching was required, along with plenty of observation and some critical thinking. It was difficult working alone for both of us, as we did miss things that we’d usually get as a pair, but it’s all part of the experience!

The ending of the game is an absolute cracker. At many other places, you’d open the exit door, and the game would be over, despite it saying you were trying to get into an escape pod. All I’m going to say is that in this game, the escape pod is real.

Overall, an excellent competitive game. The theming was spot on, and the puzzles were all properly fun. More experienced players, don’t be afraid to try playing it one versus one. Newbies, maybe take three players in each sub. Any more than that, and you might find yourselves getting a bit cramped!

Host: Our game was hosted by Jack and Rich, with Jack giving clues to me, and Rich helping Sam. As with all the hosts at The Panic Room, they were great, giving us a very enthusiastic and fun introduction.
Clue System: Clues were delivered via walkie talkie, with the option to “piggy-back” one clue given to the rival team.
Success? For me, yes! I won the game with a time of exactly 45 minutes, with Sam escaping 2-3 minutes later. A close one!


One comment

  1. I wouldn’t know how good the ending us because I didn’t see it 😢 but anitger fantastic immersive room wirh great puzzles that made sense once they finally clicked 😃 it was hard going it alone and the pressure didn’t help. Seriously good fun though. Loved being able to see where Jamie was up to battery wise, especially when I had one and he has none. .. wasn’t as good when he jumped 2 ahead of me 😆 A close finish that would have beenych closer if I hadn’t stuffed up on one puzzle and if I’d have figured the escape route out quicker…. I may even have had time to jump in the pod!! 😆


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