The Panic Room Gravesend: Enigma

Sadly, after the excellent Dino Land, it was time play our 12th and final game at The Panic Room…

“A small group of cryptographers have been stationed within Bletchley under orders to uphold National Defence through intercepting and deciphering intelligence. This department became the “Bletchley National Defence Cybersecurity Unit” in 2010.

Just recently, one of the cryptographers uncovered a threat to the Government network and was horrified to realise the traitor was in the team!

Your commander narrowed the suspects down to five people, but has now mysteriously disappeared!

Can you work out who the traitor is and escape in time?”

Enigma at The Panic Room Gravesend

It’s not a storyline that gives much room for that exciting a decor, with the room having a feel of the standard detective office rooms you get everywhere. However, the theming is still to a high quality, with plenty to look at garnering some intrigue.

In terms of gameplay, this is definitely as ‘traditional escape room’ as it gets at The Panic Room, whilst still being far from a traditional escape room. There’s very few padlocks, and very few puzzles that you’d do elsewhere. Instead, there’s good use of technology, and some very clever cryptic puzzles that leave you with an “ahh” moment.

The first part of the game is spent working out who the traitor is from a list of five suspects. Rather than unlock a series of boxes and eventually find a piece of paper that says “The traitor is X”, you do have to work it out for yourself. It’s a great logic puzzle that requires your best powers of deduction, as you only get one guess as to who it is. Select the wrong suspect, and it’s game over! Once you’ve eliminated your suspects and chosen the traitor, the game moves on to trying to escape, which offers you another batch of great puzzles.

The Panic Room shows it can do all kinds of escape, from the horrors of Doll House and the action packed adventure of Dino Land, to the calmer, more standard games like Enigma. It’s great to play such a versatile range of games, and Enigma was a nice cherry on the cake to top off our escape binge.

Overall, a good game with some solid puzzles and a nicely done storyline.

Host: Our host was Ash, who gave us a good brief and was always on hand with well timed clues.
Clue System: Clues were delivered via a screen.
Success? Yes, we completed our last game at The Panic Room with a 12/12 success rate, in a time of 51:26


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