The Panic Room Gravesend: Dino Land

Our penultimate game of the three day binge was Dino Land, something which sounded incredible – but would it live up to expectations?

“An attraction in itself, Dino Land is a 75 minute large scale experience which will include live actors (Dino Land Park Rangers), although sadly not live dinosaurs as apparently they are actually extinct but…there will be some special appearances.

You and your team will be moving between outdoor areas, winding corridors and of course Dino Land Central control. Your goal will be completing your mission by saving the day, getting the individual park systems back online and of course not becoming lunch for the attractions.

Please note due to sheer size, extra staff involved and time of the room Dino Land has very different pricing structure from all of our rooms, this room is on another level and worth every penny!”

Dino Land at The Panic Room Gravesend

One thing we’d heard several times about Dino Land was that it took place in an absolutely huge space. A mental image of this gives you a massive, open chamber, but in reality (and in the game description which I apparently didn’t read properly), it’s a massive game that takes place in many different areas. The scale of this game is absolutely crazy. It feels like it takes place in a whole building, with every part of it designed brilliantly, from an outdoor area filled with gravel and trees, to the labs and control rooms of Dino Land HQ.

The puzzles and activities to complete in the room were far from traditional, but were hugely varied. Despite the puzzles all being a lot of fun, they’re overshadowed by the other aspects of the game.

People coming into this expecting the mental challenge of an escape room might be disappointed, but if you go into the game expecting a hugely immersive adventure, you’ll get exactly what you want. You’re guided around the game by a park ranger, who does leave you alone in spaces to get on with things, but other times is with you and pushing the emergency of the storyline. The whole format of the game works brilliantly, and is definitely one of the most stand out experiences we’ve had.

The game has space for up to eight players, but enthusiasts, you’ll have no problem completing the game and enjoying the whole experience as a team of two or three. Newbies, take at least three players.

To summarise all of the above… this game is utterly crazy. Seriously, absolutely crazy. It’s a very ambitious game to create, and The Panic Rooms pull it off with ease. There are plenty of “wow” moments crammed into the game, with some excellent ‘Crystal Maze’ style segments, and an attack from a T Rex. There’s also a great opportunity for a team photo after the game. We have to give this a ‘Must Play’ stamp. It’s not at all an escape room, but is instead a fantastic adventure experience, that absolutely should not be missed.

Lock Us Up Must Play

Host: Our game was hosted by Josh, who was excellent in character as a park ranger.
Clue System: Clues were delivered both in person by Josh when he was with us, or via walkie talkie when he was elsewhere.
Success? Yes, we escaped in around 55 minutes. The time limit for this game is 75 minutes.


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