The Panic Room Gravesend: The Gilman Hotel

Following on from The Dollhouse, we moved into the next horror room at The Panic Room, and checked into Gilman Hotel…

“A private investigator had been looking into the disappearance of important occult artifacts in a derelict coastal town. You lose contact with him so head there yourselves but by the time you arrive night has fallen so you find lodgings in The Gilman Hotel.

This is the same hotel where he had been staying, you head to your room and start to investigate but it seems the locals are on to you. Find out what happened, solve the mystery and reveal the secrets of this strange coastal town…

A lovingly crafted Lovecraftian Escape Room! Authentic, immersive and an amazing tense experience!”

The Gilman Hotel at The Panic Room Gravesend

What a fantastic entrance area this game starts off in. A vintage hotel lobby has been beautifully recreated, with touch of creepiness. The whole game is perfectly themed, creating an immersive, chilling room.

As I mentioned in the review for The Dollhouse, I don’t like horror rooms, mostly because I’m a coward and struggle to concentrate, instead spending the hour looking over my shoulder! This is one of those games that was difficult to work in for me – it was very, very tense with a couple of very jumpy moments.

However… it was brilliant. More innovative puzzles, a beautiful set, and a well thought out plotline all come together to create a cracking game.

The game starts with an element that is present intermittently for the rest of the hour, and I wish I could mention it, but it was something we didn’t know about before we played, and the surprise worked so, so well, and was both terrifying and hilarious.

The plot of the game requires you to find five lost artifacts, but you don’t need to get all of them to complete the game – it’s more of a bonus element, and if you have a good chunk of time left, do give it a go. We completely forgot though and cracked out of the room as quickly as we could!

Host: Our game was hosted by Adam & Jack. Adam gave us some very useful clues when we needed him to, and a great introduction, while Jack played a big part in making the game so good. Both of them were top hosts.
Clue System: Clues were delivered via a screen disguised as a grandfather clock.
Success? Yes, we escaped in 54:39, retrieving four of the missing artifacts.


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