The Panic Room Gravesend: The Dollhouse

It was time to move away from the more fun games at The Panic Room, such as Old Father Time and Million Dollar Date Night, and play their two horror games. First up, The Dollhouse…

“You and your friends wake up inside a gloomy and grim basement. You have been chosen as the next victims of a deranged killer with an obsession for dolls and mannequins known for stripping the flesh off of his victims and much worse.

A grim and haunting tale with many twists and turns to get your heart racing, blood curdling and adrenaline pumping.

His collection grows day by day and night by night, will be become his latest victims? Can you find a way out where so many have failed before you?

This is an escape room you really will want to get out of!”

The Dollhouse at The Panic Room Gravesend

Let’s clear something up straight away – I hate horror games. I’m a massive coward and struggle to concentrate on anything. Yet for some reason, we continue to play them.

The Dollhouse starts off in a pitch black cell, but eventually moves into a lighter space, and despite it being a grimy, horrible, creepy setting, you can’t help but admire just how fantastic it looks. The theming is top notch, and really does give you the creeps.

As mentioned earlier, you start the game locked in a cell. So, how do you get out? Use a chain to get a key from outside? Nope, that’s been done to death already. The solution is, in true Panic Room fashion, completely unique, ridiculous, and brilliant.

Inside the main chamber, there’s a couple of small jump scares, but nothing too bad. Although at one point a door did pop open and I found myself running to the complete opposite end of the room. There’s no live actors in the room, although our host did temporarily join us in a doll mask to replace a torch for us. Great to solve a problem while keeping in the spirit of things!

All of the puzzles were again, great to complete. A lot of fun to be had, and so many things we’ve not seen before. Despite being a horror room, I really enjoyed this game and it’s many twists and turns.

Host: Our host was the hilarious and enthusiastic Mandi, who gave us a brilliant introduction to the room.
Clue System: Clues were delivered both by the voice of another trapped prisoner, and via screen.
Success? Yes, according to the certificate we received, we escaped in 40:77. Yes, you read that correctly. It was definitely around the 40 minute mark anyway, although we did bypass an early part of the game by sheer luck.


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