The Panic Room Gravesend: North Pole Panic

After a solid day of four games, we headed onto our fifth and final, which would be our 150th in total…

“It’s 1 day before Christmas here at the North Pole! Everything was going just swell until one of the new trainee elves got a little carried away with the wrapping! All the gifts are locked up and time is ticking before Santa has to leave, you have to help Santa and your fellow elves unlock the presents before Santa has to go in 60 minutes!

I think Santa even said there is a gift for you too if you can save the day! Are you ready for a North Pole Panic?”

North Pole Panic at The Panic Room Gravesend

Let’s clear up something… Yes, it’s February, and yes, the game is open until 4th March. However, with an extremely enthusiastic elf greeting us in the enormous waiting area (complete with giant T Rex) and escorting us to the room, it was easy to get into the Christmas spirit.

With this being a temporary, festive game, it would be easy to do a rushed job that would be easy to take apart once the season was over. However, it looks like a ton of effort has gone into this room. It’s perfectly Christmassy and really looks the part, with so many props and decorations fitting in nicely.

As you’d expect with a Christmas room, it’s a popular booking for families with young children, and as such, the game can be made easier, requiring you to just unlock the six ‘nice’ presents, or, like us, you can unlock all twelve presents, including the other six ‘naughty’ ones.

The game revolved around opening boxes, like a sort of festive ‘Deal or No Deal’ combined with the crazy combination of puzzles and open play of ‘Million Dollar Date Night’. The puzzles were all really fun, creative and festive, and was a great choice for our 150th!

This is everything you want from a Christmas room. It’s a real festive joy with some really enjoyable tasks to complete, and a little treat to unwrap at the end. Go and play it while you can – it closes 4th March!

Host: Our host was Elf Fuzzy, aka Cameron. He was so enthusiastic and funny, and gave us a great briefing. Top host.
Clue System: Clues were delivered via a screen.
Success? Yes, we escaped in 43:44.


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