The Panic Room Gravesend: Million Dollar Date Night

We’d heard so many great things about The Panic Room that we absolutely had to book a trip to binge all 12 games, and when we saw the unique sounding Million Dollar Date Night was closing on 18th February, we had to bring things forward to make sure we got a chance to play.

“Escape room meets game show, our 2 player only experience is set to be one of our most ridiculous yet. A wall of crazy puzzles in front of you and 60 minutes on the clock it’s a true test for those wanting a challenge or just a fun crazy challenge! Each puzzle gets you poker chips, each poker chip gets you money. 

But…against the clock, can you win big or walk away empty handed? Find out on your episode of Million Dollar Date Night!”

Million Dollar Date Night at The Panic Room Gravesend

Tacky gold decoration, a floor with pictures of money on it, and a “studio audience” – this is definitely the set of a TV gameshow. There’s really not much more to say about the theming – it’s a game with no story to tell, so big budget decoration isn’t needed. The game says it all with the puzzles…

There’s no escape to be made, and the time you get out in means absolutely nothing. It’s all about collecting as many chips as you can while completing a massive horde of puzzles.

This game has every sort of escape room puzzle you can imagine – tech, logic, skill, maths, riddles and more. I don’t think anyone has ever fully completed the room, and it’s easy to see why. There’s an absolutely huge amount of puzzles to play, and although it might not look much at first, as you unlock more boxes, you find even more things to do. The puzzle wall is split into four sections – your easiest puzzles which are worth less chips, your medium, your difficult, and your bonus games which have mixed difficulty and value.

It’s a strictly two player game which is definitely needed as you’d be getting in each other’s way a lot with three or more. Due to it being a completely open game, if you find yourself struggling with something, you can leave it and move onto something else. It’s a unique concept but one that works brilliantly.

There’s also a little bit of searching to do, and we missed three things that had us absolutely kicking ourselves, one of which was the special white chip worth $100,000.

Overall, this is a brilliant game that lived up to expectations. Fantastic fun, a great concept, and an absolutely manic hour. Play it while you still can – the game closes for good on 18th February!

Host: Our game was hosted by Spammy who gave us so much encouragement, and was very enthusiastic. Great host!
Clue System: Clues were delivered via screen but requesting one would cost $50,000. We don’t usually like a clue penalty system, but in a game show format it does work very well. You’ll never get to the point where there’s only one thing left to do, so you can always move onto something else rather than spend your winnings. You do get a few pushes where needed though with no penalty.
Success? We cashed out with exactly $1,000,000


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