Break Escape Loughborough: The Sands of Time

Following on from the horrors of Nerve Klinik, we headed back to Ancient Egypt to take on The Sands of Time…

Again, there’s no story for us to paste into the review, but from what I can remember, an archeologist was trapped in an Egyptian tomb many years ago trying to retrieve its treasures. Once he realised he couldn’t get out, his greed led to him setting up puzzles and traps to ensure nobody else could get the treasure.

We were told before we went in the room by Jak that this was the first room they opened and as such it was their most basic. There’s absolutely no sign of this once in there though. The room has a crystal maze feel to it, and looks the real deal, with the main chamber especially looking great.

The room takes place completely in the dark, but with a lantern each, you quickly become used to the light levels, and it doesn’t hinder you at all.

The mix of puzzles is great, ranging from skill based games to those that require some thinking. There was one very annoying, frustrating task in the first part of the game that some people will race through, and others will struggle with for a long time. I’ve got to give credit to the room set-up though, as while one of us were attempting it for a long time, the other was working on another puzzle that took up a chunk of time. Nobody was left standing around bored. In the main chamber, there were some great unique puzzles, and in particular one task that was the result of around 3 other sub-tasks, that worked really well.

Overall, a well themed room with some challenging aspects, and some nice touches. A team of two enthusiasts should walk this, but newbies should take 3-4 players.

Host: Our host was Taylor who gave us a good brief and always gave us clues exactly as we needed them, without asking. Good host!
Clue System: Clues were delivered via walkie talkie.
Success? Yes, we escaped in 50:46.


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