Escapologic Leicester: Operation Magnus

Following on from the fantastic Reactorvate, we swapped teams again to take on Operation Magnus, this time playing alongside Amy & Ian from Brit of an Escape Habit, and Sue from Escape and Conquer.

“The year is 1942, World War 2 rages on. You are an elite spy deep undercover at the operations bunker of the infamous splinter cell group known as SPYKE. The group has reached an agreement with the mysterious Magnus, an aerospace engineer, and he has agreed to develop a new super weapon that could change the tides of war and leave devastation in its wake.

After months on a covert operation an assault on the base has left you free to finally gather the intel needed on the inner workings of this weapon and ascertain the technology for the allied forces.

Your only line of communication is a fellow agent who has been placed amongst SPYKE’s ranks for this very moment, they will be on hand to assist you throughout the mission but must do so without blowing their cover.

This could truly be the turning point of the war; The Allied forces, the Resistance and even the fate of the world, rests on your shoulders.

Godspeed agent.”

For an Escapologic room, the theming in this space is actually quite simple. Aside from some furniture, props, and posters, they’ve utilised the building’s already damp and dusty basement really well. A World War 2 bunker isn’t supposed to look nice, and this one does look like it was found after many years sealed off in the bowels of the building, after someone knocked a wall through. The space used is quite cramped at times, despite there being a few directions to head off in! It’s also one of the very rare games we’ve played that has a set of stairs…

Gameplay is good, with parts being more puzzle oriented than Reactorvate. Despite it being a World War 2 room, there’s still a few technology based puzzles, all of which are in theme with the time era. The game all comes to a head with a seriously impressive finale. It’s a major talking point, but one you can’t talk about, as it’s a great surprise when it happens. It’s a proper wow moment though, and Escapologic have gone all out with their effects.

Overall, another immersive, authentic feeling game from Escapologic. It’s not the most impressive to look at, but with another mix of fun puzzles and an absolute cracker of a finale, it’s one to definitely add to the to-do list.

Host: Again, our game was hosted by a couple of the Escapologic minions, but I don’t remember who!
Clue System: Clues were delivered via a phone in the room.
Success? Yes, we escaped in 38:05.


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