Breakout Manchester: Disturbed

Following our game at Lucardo, we headed over to Breakout Manchester, to play their latest addition – Disturbed.

The High Street site is home to a large basement, steadily being filled with a selection of creepy games. In fact, this is their third successive new game of a similar theme, following on from Captured and Forsaken.

“Your colleague, and friend, PC Richards has been missing for over a week. Her last known location is an old abandoned hospital on the outskirts of town which she had gone to investigate one night after work. Her obsession with a closed kidnapping case had left her paranoid and wanting to investigate more.

You decide to go to the abandoned hospital to see if you can find any clues as to where she may have gone. As you enter the building you realise you have been trapped by a crazed killer! A deadly gas begins to sweep through the hospital. You have one hour to save yourselves…”

Disturbed at Breakout Manchester

Theming was as expected from the creepy strand of Breakout games – a grimy, damp looking abandoned space, with scattered, old medical equipment and clothing.

In terms of gameplay, Disturbed is fairly linear, with a little bit of searching involved, but as with all Breakout games, mostly padlocked based (which we like!). Puzzles were nicely varied, with most of them tied in to the theme with no ambiguity, but just a couple of ideas we’d seen before elsewhere. It had a good flow, and we powered through the early stages, before coming to a halt when the game became more open, and we missed a few important things.

I’m surprised this game has a 4/5 difficulty rating on the Breakout website, as it really doesn’t live up to the same level as their other 4* games. With two or three more puzzles added to the game to flesh it out, it might be more worthy of that rating – there’s plenty of space in the room’s final, pretty bare space to do so. Enthusiasts, you definitely won’t need more than two players. Newbies, 2-3 players is our recommendation.

Host: We don’t remember our host’s name, but he was very friendly and did a good job, providing well-timed clues.
Clue System: Clues were delivered via a screen.
Success? Yes, we escaped with 19:13 remaining.


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