Escape Room Centre Blackpool: Grimoire In The Attic

Sunday saw a trip to Blackpool to play four games, three of which we’d be teaming up with Amy & Ian from Brit of an Escape Habit for. Our first game was for just the two of us though, as we headed up to the attic of Escape Centre Blackpool…

“An ancient book of spells, The Grimoire, has been stolen. You’ve traced the thieves back to this long forgotten mansion.

Their plan is to use the book to invoke evil spirits to rise again. Time is short; the ceremony begins tonight, at the stroke of midnight.

It’s just before 11pm which leaves just one hour to find the Grimoire and escape! You’ve searched everywhere and found nothing, there’s only one place left to look, the ATTIC…”

Grimoire in the Attic at Escape Centre Blackpool

Wow, this is a fantastically themed room, and an unexpectedly large space, with plenty of gloomy corners and alcoves, and even a corridor leading off to more rooms. It’s quite overwhelming at first, especially when you take into account the amount of furniture and props covered by dust sheets that you need to search through. It’s a creepy space but not scary, so those of a nervous disposition (such as myself) need not worry. The room is beautifully created with so much to look at, and with it taking place in the actual attic of the building, it’s really quite immersive.

In terms of gameplay, there is a lot of searching to do. When there’s only two of you (the site does recommend a minimum of three), it can get a bit tedious, but once you’ve found everything you need, you can move onto some great puzzles. The game has some really well designed elements to it, and plenty of puzzles that, although they took a while to click for us, led to great “ahhh” moments.

Overall, I’d say this is definitely my favourite game in Blackpool, out of all the ones played so far. A well-built, mysterious, creepy set with exciting puzzles and a good flow. The only downside was the amount of searching, and it’s here where the recommended minimum of three players would come in handy. Enthusiasts, if you really want to play as a two, it’s doable, but three will have you playing more efficiently. Newbies, take at least four players.

Host: Our host was Catherine. She was very friendly, and gave us a good introduction. She only gave us clues when we asked for them, but when we did, they arrived in good time.
Clue System:
Photo based clues are delivered via a screen, while any other hints come through a speaker.
Yes, we escaped with just under five minutes to spare.


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