Clue HQ Blackpool: Quarantined

After our two games at Escape Room Centre, we headed off to the other end of Blackpool with Amy & Ian to play at Clue HQ’s Blackpool location. We’ve only played the Manchester and Warrington locations previously, so having become quite accustomed to finding their games built under railway arches, we had a bit of a shock as we drove up a bumpy road to a small farm. Clue HQ is located amongst other activities such as archery and paintball at Impact Blackpool, and as such, had a completely different feel to the usual city centre locations. We were there to play Quarantined, but would we escape…

“With the growing threat of a radiation leak due to the increase in nuclear power, the government seek a solution to radiation poisoning within humans. Deep within a high security facility, a group of scientists work to develop a vaccine to ensure immunity, but to run tests they need subjects. You regain consciousness to find yourself quarantined within the facility. You don’t know who got you here or how you got here but you know you need to escape before everything gets incinerated, including you!”

Quarantined at Clue HQ Blackpool

The game starts with players split across three locked cells – this is sometimes a bit of a gimmick to kick things off with and doesn’t really amount to much, but in Quarantined, there were a good few things to do, both on your own and with your teammates, before you could crack on with the main part of the game.

Out of the cells, the game takes place in a sort of medical bay/lab, and despite it being only a small space, there’s a lot to do in there. In true Clue HQ fashion, the puzzles were hugely varied, ranging from maths, to observation, to searching, to skill. The gameplay was a lot of fun, and the room had a great flow. We had a great burst of solving at one point, only coming to a slow once or twice where we needed to have a proper think. As with any Clue HQ room, the game doesn’t just end in normal fashion – there always has to be some sort of twist or puzzle!

Overall, we had a great time in this room. It’s your typical Clue HQ room – great puzzles and good theming, and a game that gets you doing all sorts of puzzles one after the other. There’s another room at the Blackpool venue we haven’t done yet, The Experiments, so we’re looking forward to returning soon.

Host: Our host was Mike, who manages the Blackpool location. He did a great job, clearly giving us his full attention and giving us clues as and when we needed them.
Clue System: Clues were delivered via a screen.
Success: Yes, we escaped in 46 minutes, breaking the room’s record and going to the top of the leaderboard.


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