Wirral Escape Rooms: The Curse of the Golden Lion

We were invited to try out the first room of new escape company Wirral Escape Rooms, and headed to Merseyside yesterday to give it a go. The small image of the room and the description on the website left us with high hopes, but would it live up to expectations?

“Famous adventurer Hathaway Brown has mysteriously contacted you. Being past his prime he has picked you and your team for a very important mission….Hathaway once spent some time in the Jungles of South America, where he claims he found the Golden Lion. The only problem is, he left it in his jungle shack, which was padlocked up in a way that only Hathaway could execute… with puzzles & riddles!

Only someone of outstanding wit, with an adventurer’s heart and a keen brain could solve the puzzles, reclaim the golden lion and escape the curse…  Are you brave enough to answer the call of adventure?”

The Curse of the Golden Lion at Wirral Escape Rooms

The game starts outside the shack in the jungle – it’s a great little space decorated perfectly with rocks, trees and vines – all perfect hiding places for the puzzles needed to get into the main part of the game.

The shack itself is beautifully created, and is filled with the large quantity of collected items you’d expect from a whacky jungle adventurer. There’s shelves filled with so much to take in, and at first the room is quite overwhelming. It soon becomes clear what you need to be doing, opening up a game with a great flow.

As well as finding the Golden Lion and escaping, there are also four optional bonus items to find for Hathaway, and you’re given a folder at the start containing the information you need to crack the codes and retrieve them.

Overall, this is a fun game in a nicely decorated and detailed environment, packed with some really enjoyable, imaginative and innovative puzzles. For the opening game of a new company, this is a fantastic effort.

The room seemed complete and ready to go, but the rest of the building isn’t quite up to scratch yet, so there could be a few more weeks until opening – once open though, it’s definitely worth a trip.

Host: Our hosts were owners Amy & Ian – it might be their first time running an escape business, but like owners of other companies such as The Escaporium, they are genuine enthusiasts, and this shines through on the game design.
Clue System: Clues would normally be delivered via screen, but a power outage shortly before we arrived meant Amy & Ian had to come into the room when needed – something they’d usually be against. It worked well as a back-up system though, delivering the slightly cryptic hints you’d expect from the screen.
Success? Yes, we got out with around a minute to spare, taking with us two out of four of the optional bonus items.

Website: www.wirralescaperooms.co.uk

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